Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo

by Lisa
Straciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo

Did you know that La Marianna Bergamo is the inventor of the Stracciatella Gelato? The Ice-Cream was invented and produced for the first time by Enrico Panattoni in 1961, the owner of the Cafe. Stracciatella Gelato is creamy white with irregular pieces of dark chocolate. Isn’t it interesting that this ice-cream sort was invented in the Italian Town of Bergamo and is now loved and enjoyed all over the world? La Marianna Bergamo is located in the upper town of Bergamo, Citta Alta. Close to the Venetian Walls and the Funicular to Hill San Viglio. Nowadays it’s a Cafe and a Restaurant, offering the best and most authentic the Italian cuisine has to offer.

Of course, I had to try their Stracciatella Gelato when I visited Bergamo! What kind of surprised me is that there is no sign or something similar promoting the Stracciatella Gelato or a “Yes, we invented it!”. La Marianna offers a small selection of ice-cream, and the Stracciatella Ice-Cream is just one of them. Of course I ordered it in a Cono Cone and my portion cost 2‚ā¨. The Size was definitely above average and at first, I’ve seen just a few smaller Chocolate Pieces. Until I’ve seen this huge piece that you can see below. It tasted like I had more Chocolate in one Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo than in every other Stracciatella Ice-Cream I ever had before. And I really like this type of ice cream! You can find the ingredients of Stracciatella Gelato / Stracciatella Ice-Cream below, but of course, the Recipe of the authentic Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo is a well-kept secret! They produce their Ice-Cream still with vertical machines (the famous Carpigiani L40 with tinned copper bell and wet brine) – true craftsmanship! If you are wondering what type of Chocolate they use, it’s a Chocolate by Swiss Manufacturer Lindt with 58% Cocoa. If you visit Bergamo, even just for a Day-Trip, make sure to taste the authentic Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo!

Ingredients Stracciatella Gelato / Stracciatella Ice-Cream

1 litre of cream
1 litre of milk
4 packets of vanilla
4 sheets of gelatin
300 grammes of sugar
chocolate flakes

Address La Marianna Bergamo

Largo Colle Aperto, 4
24129 Bergamo BG
Phone: +39 035 247997
Opening Hours: Monday – closed ; Tuesday – 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm Wednesday – Sunday 12:30 pm – 2.30 pm , 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm

Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo

La Marianna Bergamo
La Marianna Bergamo
Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo
Stracciatella Gelato

Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo

Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo
Look at this big Choco Piece inside the Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo


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