Traveling to Munich with MeinFernbus / FlixBus

by Lisa

Do you want to travel cheap in Europe by Bus, or want to travel cheap to Munich? Take MeinFernbus / FlixBus! In the past four Years the long distance busses are really booming, with new lines and connected Cities each month. One of the first lines of the, nowadays, biggest company here in Germany offering these long distance busses in Germany and Central Europe was connecting Munich with Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance and Freiburg in the Black Forest. MeinFernbus / FlixBus expanded massively in these past but I haven’t used these long distance buses for a while now, as I really like and enjoy to take Trains. During my recent visit to Munich I gave MeinFernbus / FlixBus again a Try and booked my Ticket.

Traveling to Munich with MeinFernbus / FlixBus

MeinFernbus / FlixBus is very digital now, offering an App to control and manage your bookings and upcoming purchased rides. As I wasn’t sure about the time I will leave Munich again I first just booked a one-way ticket in the morning at 8:25. Just a few clicks to select my date of travel, then the possible rides and ticket fairs are displayed. I’ve chosen a Ticket for 13€ and payed with PayPal. So easy, so fast and it was even possible to load my bus ticket, a QR-Code for Express Check-In, into my iPhones Passbook. This way it was always present when I checked my Phone. MeinFernbus / FlixBus highly recommends to be at the bus stop at least 15 minutes earlier. As the busses drive on time, or at least try to, they won’t wait for you after the scheduled departure time. Tickets expire if you haven’t cancelled them, if you won’t take a booked bus. My Bus to Munich arrived in Friedrichshafen at Bus Stop Number 8 at 8:22, with departure at 8:25. First the bus driver packed the bags in the Trunk, you are allowed to take bags, or even bikes or ski sacks, with you, then the people with hand-luggage could enter the bus. I just had to show my QR-Code and everything was all right. As the MeinFernbus / FlixBus Bus was already quite full I had to sit next to someone, at the Aisle.

For Entertainment on Board there is WiFi inside every MeinFernbus / FlixBus Bus, offering Internet Access or the possibility to watch Movies or some Series. I first tried to use the Bus WiFi to listen to a Podcast, but after we entered the Autobahn there were many interruptions and the signal often failed to deliver any Internet. I had the same problem with my own 4G, so in this case it was just a ‘German Autobahn’-Connection Problem. The Busses land at the ZOB in Munich, the Central Bus Station, located at the Hackerbrücke. From there the Busses depart in any direction, from Berlin to Milan or Zurich or to Amsterdam.

As soon as I knew when I wanted to drive back, as I haven’t booked anything in advance, I just checked the MeinFernbus / FlixBus App, selected a Ride and booked it again within minutes. This time the Ticket Price was down at just 8,50€, for a 200km / 2:20 hour ride. That’s absolutely a bargain! On my drive back home the bus was about half full and I could enjoy two seats for my own. I’m already considering to take another MeinFernbus/ FlixBus long distance Bus from Lake Constance to Milano, via Zurich. One-way for just around 30€, this means more money for Gelato!

Have you ever driven with MeinFernbus / FlixBus or any other long distance Busses? How much do you pay for them in other Countries than Germany?

Traveling to Munich with MeinFernbus /FlixBus
there are so many of the green MeinFernbus/ FlixBus Busses in Munich

FLIXmedia inside the MeinFernbus/ FlixBus Busses

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