Typical Kebap House in Antalya, SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI

by Lisa
Antalya Kebap House SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI Yeşilbahçe

SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI is a typical Kebap House in Antalya. Located a bit outside the city center and the Old Town, SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI is just a stone throw away the Akra Barut Hotel. The Restaurant is a family business for many years now, offering authentic turkish food to locals and tourists. Very important is that it’s popular with locals, a great sign for good quality.

By entering the Restaurant SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI you can see the Chefs in the open Kitchen, preparing the Dishes. Of course there is a big oven for fresh bread, Lahmacun, Pide. Immediately after we’re seated at our Table, luckily close to Air Condition, as it was around 40 degrees outside, we ordered the drinks. For starters there are some dishes to share on the Table, like some kind of Yoghurt (very fresh and tasty), Muhammara (spicy red paste) as well as Çiğ Köfte and İçli Köfte, both with meat. As a vegetarian I received a Pide with white Cheese all for myself. Even though it was all cheese it tasted very good and I liked to eat it together with the yoghurt and the paste mainly made out of red peppers and walnuts, Muhammara. The others ordered Kebap as main dishes, you can check out the restaurant’s menu with large pictures on their website. Luckily I skipped it in order to fully enjoy the typical turkish dessert, Künefe. It is soft cheese covered in fine pastry threads and baked in a pan with lots of sweet syrup. It’s not as sweet as Baklava, nevertheless I really like both.

The service at SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI was very friendly and the Food was very good. Regarding turkish cuisine in a typical Kebap House in Antalya you have to like spicy foods, otherwise you should ask for mild versions. If you’re looking for a non-tourist-trap Restaurant I can highly recommend a visit!


Metin Kasapoğlu Caddesi 30 A
Yeşilbahçe Mahallesi
07160 Muratpaşa/Antalya

Antalya Kebap House SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI Yeşilbahçe
Antalya Kebap House SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI Yeşilbahçe

Antalya Kebap House SULTANYAR KEBAPÇISI Yeşilbahçe

Çiğ Köfte, İçli Köfte, salad, yoghurt and a spicy dip as shared starters
Çiğ Köfte, İçli Köfte, salad, yoghurt and a spicy dip (Muhammara) as shared starters
Pide with white Cheese Antalya Kebap House
Pide with white Cheese
Künefe turkish sweet cheese Antalya
Künefe turkish sweet cheese Antalya
Künefe turkish sweet cheese


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  • NeverToAntalyaBefore
    7 - October - 2016 at 1:54 PM

    I did not know there were vegetarian options in Turkey, thanks for sharing!

  • Rudolf Crean
    12 - August - 2016 at 4:51 AM

    The Food this Restaurants offers looks very tempting

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