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A Guide to a Luxury New Orleans Getaway


New Orleans has something magical about it that not many places in the United States can boast about.  Whether you are American, European, or from anywhere else in the world, New Orleans is the place to go for the unique culture, exciting history, and of course a world-famous party that you might have heard about (Mardi Gras).

To make your trip more luxurious, follow the guide below:

Know When to Go

Mardi Gras is an infamous celebration and one of the biggest reasons to visit New Orleans year after year. If you go, for this reason, try to do the world a favour and pick up glass beads or other non-plastic celebratory decorations. This way, the New Orleans environment can recover, too, and be beautiful for visitors in the future.

Outside of Mardi Gras, there is a wide variety of events you can visit for. Pride occurs in June, and there is a seafood festival in September, a jazz and heritage festival in April, a voodoo celebration in October, and so much more. As for the weather, the most comfortable times of the year are spring and summer.

Book a Villa

When it comes to luxurious travel nowadays, it is time to forget about the hotels and the resorts and to instead think villas and mansions. You can book one for yourself and your friends and live the high life in an utterly unique and devastatingly beautiful location with total ease. All you need to do is search your options on a trusted site like and make your pick. When you spread the costs between you and your friends, choosing a villa or other quality vacation home is not often all that expensive, making this an excellent choice for almost every type of traveller. 

Explore the Countryside

New Orleans is beautiful, but so too is the countryside. Some top things you can do in the countryside when you are visiting this beautiful city include:

  1. Going on a Swamp Tour
  2. Visiting a Plantation

The Plantations are stunning, full of history and traumatic experiences. They are great to see and learn about. As for the bayou, well, that has a mysticism of its own and is a very unique, otherworldly experience every visitor to New Orleans should enjoy.

Explore the Town

Some top sights in New Orleans that you should absolutely make time to see include the:

  1. French Quarter
  2. Garden District
  3. Bourbon Street
  4. Jackson Square

Eat Incredibly Well

New Orleans is a foodie haven, which is why when you visit, you need to try all the New Orleans dishes that have made their way into the hearts of all of their residences. Some great examples of what you can eat there include:

  1. Po-Boys
  2. Boudin
  3. Soft Shell Crab
  4. Turtle Soup
  5. Gumbo

New Orleans is different in all the best ways. Just go with an open mind and be prepared to learn about the culture, history, and beliefs of its people.


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