Casa di Romeo Verona

Where to find Casa di Romeo in Verona, the House of Romeo of Romeo & Juliet

Advertisement Located in a narrow street just nearby the Arche Scaligere (Scaliger Tombs), not too far Casa di Giulietta you will find Casa di Romeo or Romeo’s House. Unlike Juliet’s House, Casa di Romeo is no huge tourist attraction. Granted, it seemed like there were three other tourists when I visited “his family’s home”, but […]

Torta Russa di Verona
Food Recipes from around the world Verona

Dessert speciality from Verona: Torta Russa di Verona

Advertisement When in Verona, you have to try and taste the local speciality Torta Russa di Verona. Every city or region has its own recipes, and that’s something truly wonderful. Torta Russa di Verona means “Russian cake from Verona”, and the origin of this recipe isn’t actually that old. One of the two hypothesis of […]

Teatro Romano Verona Archaeological Museum

Teatro Romano di Verona, the more than 2000-year-old ancient theatre right by the river

Advertisement Right by the Adige river, or Etsch, you will find the ancient Teatro Romano Verona. Built sometime at the end of the first century before Christ, this Theatre is even older than the way more famous Arena di Verona, an amphitheatre. It’s actually not that easy to find Teatro Romano Verona, simply as it’s […]

Novo Hotel Rossi Verona City Centre Train Station Review Experience

Staying at Novo Hotel Rossi Verona near the Train Station

Advertisement Novo Hotel Rossi Verona is a nice 3-star hotel close to the Porta Nuova train station of Verona. Hotels in the districts close to main train stations are usually not a good place to stay, however, Novo Hotel Rossi Verona is located in sufficient distance to both noise and “weird people” hanging around the […]

Parking Verona City Centre Verona Citty Alta Parcheggio
Mobility Verona

Where to park your car in Verona City Centre (near Arena di Verona)

Advertisement Parking a car in busy city centres can be quite a challenge. Especially in a lively and popular city such as Verona. As I was preferring a close location for parking in Verona City Centre, over having a free place to park my car, I chose Parcheggio Multipiano Cittadella Verona, an absolutely prime location […]

McDonalds Italy Vegetarian Fast Food Vegetariano
Food Italy

Current Vegetarian Food Options at McDonalds Italy

Advertisement In the past, McDonald’s Italy used to have a vegetarian burger on their menu. Actually, their original McVeggie was my absolute favourite McDonald’s Burger worldwide. But as it was only a temporary offer to celebrate EXPO 2015 in Milan, they discontinued it at some point but had another meat-free option available. The “new” McVeggie […]

Casa di Giulietta Verona Visit House Museum JoyDellaVita

A mandatory visit to Casa di Giulietta Verona

Advertisement Out of the Top 3 sights to see in Verona, Casa di Giulietta is definitely one of them. This renaissance building of the 14th century is nowadays a pilgrimage site for everyone enthusiastic about the novel Romeo & Juliet, maybe even for the ones unhappy in Love, or just for all tourists and visitors […]

Verona Instagram Account JoyDellaVita

Verona Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting the romantic City

Advertisement Verona, the ultimate stomping ground for lovers and romantics. The history-filled City is not only the story base of William Shakespeare’s novel Romeo and Juliet, Verona is so much more. Verona also plays an important role in Art, as well as in the culinary scene. To prepare yourself for your Trip to Verona, and […]

Fast Pizza La Conchiglia Verona Arena

Fast Pizza in Verona near Arena di Verona

Advertisement La Conchiglia in Verona is a “fast pizza” restaurant just nearby the famous Arena di Verona. Located in the Citta Alta the restaurant for sure is targeted mainly on tourists, due to its convenient location. But it is also made by Pizza World Champion 2013, guaranteeing you more than just a good Pizza. I […]

Arance e Yoghurt Muffins Italian Sicilian Oranges Mini Cakes Muffins Recipe JoyDellaVita
Italy Recipes from around the world

Recipe: Muffin Arance e Yogurt – Italian Sicilian orange and yogurt mini-cakes (muffins)

Advertisement Muffin Arance e Yogurt are perfect for those current warm spring days, homemade Muffins with the juice of Sicilian oranges and yoghurt. They are delicate, fluffy and taste absolutely pristine, and if you want you can even add some chocolate chips for an extra touch. The preparation is easy and within minutes you will […]

Intercontinental The City Doha West Bay Qatar Travel Blog JoyDellavita

Staying at Intercontinental The City in Doha West Bay, Qatar

Advertisement The views from the 27th floor at Intercontinental The City in Doha’s West Bay couldn’t have been any more stunning. Both the impressive skyscraper skyline including the nearby beach have been constantly in my sight, all while the air-conditioning was cooling my room at a pleasing temperature. Outside temperatures in Doha can be tough […]

Doha Skyline Hamad International Airport Qatar Airways

Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Doha, Capital of Qatar

Advertisement The Kingdom of Qatar is a great destination for a holiday or just a brief getaway. Doha isn’t (yet) as famous and overrun by tourists such as Abu Dhabi or Dubai, which makes it even more enjoyable. Before visiting Doha and Qatar for the first time, you should definitely plan your trip ahead. And […]

Vegan Veggie roll set Sushi Wasabi UK London test review
Food London

Vegan Veggie roll set Sushi by Wasabi UK in London

Advertisement My new favourite Veggie Sushi, the Vegan Veggie roll set by Wasabi UK in London! Finding sushi without fish can be quite tricky sometimes, especially if you want something else than cucumber hosomaki. Some time ago I discovered the “No Sushi” by Kreative Reisrollen in southern Germany (they even offer Sushi Burgers), but the […]

2018 Ford Focus Active white car adventure Blog
Mobility PressTrip / Press Event

All-new Ford Focus Active – a car made for adventure

Advertisement The all-new Ford Focus Active is a car made for adventure. With the launch of the fourth generation of the popular c-segment vehicle Focus, Ford is steering right into a future of smart cars. Yes, not only our phones got smart over time (hence why they are called smartphones), also our cars are getting […]

Amelia San Sebastian Donostia Tasting Menu Michelin Restaurant Review Test Experience Travelblogger
Donostia San Sebastian Food PressTrip / Press Event

Amelia Michelin Star Restaurant San Sebastian Donostia – Vegetarian Tasting Menu

Advertisement Amelia Restaurant in San Sebastian was just recently rewarded with a Michelin Star, a highly prestigious honour in the culinary world. Amelia isn’t a regular restaurant with a menu of various dishes to choose from, from starters to mains and desserts, no, Amelia solely offers tasting menus. By this, they want to “offer a […]

Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Tübingen in southern Germany

Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Tübingen in southern Germany

Advertisement Tuebingen or Tübingen is a Swabian city just some kilometres south of Stuttgart. Next to the widespread area of Stuttgart, Tübingen is like a smaller, more relaxed and in my opinion even more picturesque version of a Swabian city with a historic city centre. But as often in (southern) Germany, the internet with all […]

Hotel Maria Cristina San Sebastian Donostia Review Test Experience Travelblogger
Donostia San Sebastian PressTrip / Press Event

Staying at Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian – Donostia

Advertisement Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian – Donostia is probably the most beautiful Hotel in Town. The property is not only named after the former Queen of Spain, Maria Christina of Austria, she was also the one that brought Tourism and fine architectural styles to San Sebastian. She spent every summer except for just […]