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Lugano / Lake Lugano

Overview of all the Art Galleries and Art Museums in Lugano

Advertisement You might not have known it, but Lugano is a popular destination when it comes to Art. Lugano, your ideal location for anyone craving the Mediterranean feeling, while still seeking a sophisticated background. To fulfil both your interests in sitting on a bench on the shores of Lake Lugano, to strolling around Art Galleries, […]

SBB EuroCity Zurich Lugano Review Travel Blog JoyDellaVita
Lugano / Lake Lugano Mobility Zurich | Zürich

SBB Review: EuroCity Train from Zurich to Lugano in 2nd class

Advertisement In just 2 hours and 12 minutes, the SBB EuroCity Train takes you from Zurich to Lugano. From one City at a Lake to another City at a Lake, but an entirely different climate. May it just be for a day trip, or a holiday, visiting Lugano is always worth any visit. As there […]

McDonalds Switzerland Mc Quinoa Curry Veggie Burger Lugano McD
Food Switzerland

Review: Quinoa Curry, the new vegetarian McDonald’s Switzerland Burger

Advertisement The Quinoa Curry Burger is the only vegetarian burger currently offered by McDonald’s Switzerland. Unfortunately, the replacement burger, after the delicious Vegi Mac was discontinued, is absolutely not comparable. While the “original veggie burger”, the McVeggie, had an actual patty in great thickness, the new Quinoa Curry burger only features a thin patty made […]

Lugano / Lake Lugano

What language is spoken in Lugano?

Advertisement Lugano, a truly multicultural city. Not only because of the ethnic of its inhabitants, due to the very close proximity to Italy, the Swiss City of Lugano is heavily influenced by the Italians. Not only the culture swapped over the green border, also the culinary scene is influenced, but more importantly, the language. As […]

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Lugano / Lake Lugano

Moevenpick Ice Cream in Lugano by the Train station

Advertisement Where to get delicious Mövenpick ice cream in Lugano? Straight at the main train station! After a long train ride, especially in summer, you need something to refresh. Instead of buying a cold drink, why not indulging in ice-cream? Especially as Lugano is located sooo close to Italy, at least one portion of ice […]

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Lugano / Lake Lugano Milan | Milano Mobility

How to travel from Milan to Lake Lugano – How far is Lugano from Milan ?

Advertisement Milan is an ideal base to not only explore the Lombard capital city but also for various day trips. Want to visit another City, then head to Bergamo, Verona or Venice, want to go to a Lake, then go to Como, Lake Maggiore or Lugano. While Lake Maggiore is famous for its weekly markets, […]

Boat Lake Lugano Experience Travel Blog Review Lugano Centrale lago Lugano Paradiso
Lugano / Lake Lugano Mobility

The cheapest boat tour on Lake Lugano – Lugano Centrale (lago) to Lugano Paradiso

Advertisement There is no reason why you shouldn’t take a Boat on Lake Lugano! Lugano, what a wonderfully beautiful city. The deep blue water, surrounded by sky-high green mountains, what a scenery. Walking along the shores of the Lake is indeed very nice, but what’s even nicer is to take a boat and get another […]

Cafe Karamell Friedrichshafen
Food Friedrichshafen

Delicious cakes & coffee in Friedrichshafen at Café Karamell

Advertisement Friedrichshafen is the second biggest city of Lake Constance, with multiple HQ’s of big companies, universities and so much more going on. However, the local culinary scene is rather bland and quite frankly uninspiring. A very welcomed new addition is Café Karamell near the harbour at Paulinenstraße. The small, individually owned Café, offers food […]

Pomodoro Mozzarella Panzerotti Padua daPrette Padova
Padua | Padova

Pomodoro & Mozzarella Panzerotti by daPrette in Padua / Padova

Advertisement Pomodoro & Mozzarella Panzerotti by daPrette in Padua / Padova – yummm!!! Have you ever tried Panzerotti? Panzerotti, also known as panzarotto, is a sort of small calzone. The semicircular, half-moon, shaped dough pieces are usually filled with tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of other delicious things such as ham, veggies or sometimes […]

Zeppole di San Giuseppe Padua Padova Pasticceria Graziati
Padua | Padova

Enjoying Zeppole di San Giuseppe in Padua / Padova

Advertisement Zeppole di San Giuseppe are delicious choux pastry doughnuts filled with vanilla cream and decorated with an amaranth cherry. Usually prepared for Saint Joseph’s Day on March 19th, you can guilt-free enjoy them year-round in Italy. In Padua, I enjoyed my first Zeppole di San Giuseppe at Pasticceria Graziati and I definitely enjoyed it. […]

Saffron and mushroom Risotto coop Italy Risotto ai funghi porcini e Zafferano joydellavita

Review: Saffron and mushroom Risotto by coop Italy – Risotto ai funghi porcini e Zafferano

Advertisement The Saffron and Mushroom Risotto by coop Italy (“risotto ai funghi porcini e zafferano”) will change your life! Just recently I found out about my love for Risotto. Having always preferred any type of Pasta dish over Rice, now I can definitely not understand why I have always skipped the creamy yet delicious dish […]

Bigoi Pasta Pesto Genovese green Pesto Padua Padova Fast Food Blog JoyDellaVita
Padua | Padova

Delicious Bigoli Pasta Pesto Genovese at Bigoi Padua / Padova

Advertisement Is Fast Food always unhealthy? absolutely not! A new kind of fast food chain is taking over (northern) Italy and I absolutely love it. Bigoi. In various locations and cities across the northern part of Italy, they are selling Pasta. Quick and easy. Their only type of Pasta is Bigoli, or Pici in the […]

photo locations verona places with a view travel blog joydellavita

Best photo locations in Verona / “places with a view”

Advertisement Verona, already a magnificent city from the ground, with the cobblestone paths, the structured house walls, but from a higher view the city even gets more stunning. You don’t need to have an upscale hotel with a rooftop terrace, or even an own hotel room view from the top floor, there are actually plenty […]

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Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Trieste

Advertisement Trieste, the famous port in the north-eastern Italian region named Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Trieste is actually a city and area with a very long history, as the area was already inhabited since the second millennium BC. The convenient location by the sea made Trieste an important harbour city back then and still nowadays. Not only […]

gelato Prato della Valle Padua
Padua | Padova

Gelato in Padua at Prato della Valle

Advertisement Whats better than a refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day? In Padua, after visiting the famous market on Prato della Valle, the biggest square in the country, I needed something refreshing. As I didn’t want to “waste” time by sitting in a street side cafe to enjoy a refreshing and cooled beverage, […]

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia German TV Online

Where and how to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on German TV (online and on TV)

Advertisement Just a few more days, or actually just some more hours, till the first game of this years FIFA World Cup in Russia starts. The excitement level of some is already really high, while others still need some first games to watch, to fully catch that soccer-excitement. However, if you are not travelling to […]

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Costs to send a Postcard from Italy abroad

Advertisement Are you still a “Postcard Person”? Even though you might start to think it’s silly (out-of-trend, …) to send a postcard from vacation back home to your loved ones, you might still also be happy when someone else sends you a card from their holiday. Often it doesn’t even need to be a detailed journal […]