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Costs to send a Postcard from the USA to Europe

What does it cost to send a Postcard from the US to Europe? The Price to send a postcard has absolutely been the significant part of deciding if I’m actually sending postcards home from my holiday in Los Angeles. Prices for postcards are cheap, but the price for the stamp to send this little piece of colourful paper all the way over to another Continent, well, it has been way lower than expected!

To get an international stamp and send your postcard from the United States of America to any country in Europe, you have to visit a USPS Office (United States Postal Service). I have visited the small one nearby the Farmers Market in Los Angeles. However, already before my trip to the store, I researched prices on the USPS website. Super practical, they offer an online calculator for your postcard or letter or box. You can find it directly here. To calculate the price for a postcard stamp you first have to select the country you want to send it to, and now you can skip everything else (value and date of shipment), and hit the postcard button below.

The price to send a Postcard to Europe from the United States of America is $1.15 each as a First-Class Mail® International Postcard, with a maximum size of 6″ in length and 4-1/4″ in height. If you buy a touristy postcard, there will be already placeholders for the address field and the text area. Just make sure to not write on the very bottom of the card, and leave the space on the upper right blank for the stamp. I don’t know if you can pay a lump sum of just $1 by credit card, at the US post offices, so I paid with cash that I previously exchanged from euro to dollar.

Prices to send Postcards from the USA, examples by Country

Germany – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
Spain – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
Vatican City – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
United Kingdom (Great Brittan and Northern Ireland) – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
Turkey – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
United Arab Emirates – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
Australia – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
Iceland – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
Russia – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15
South Africa – First-Class Mail® International Postcard $1.15

Prices as of December 2017

Costs to send Postcard USA Europe USPS International Air Mail are lower than expected!
Costs to send Postcard USA Europe USPS International Air Mail are lower than expected!



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