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EXPO 2015 Merchandise by OVS

by Lisa


Merchandise Products can be so boring sometimes. Nevertheless I’m a huge fan of buying things that I can use on a(n almost) daily basis that remind me on certain events, places or experiences rather than things that are useless and just occupy space. Already at EXPO 2015 I bought a coffee cup at the Coffee Cluster by illy, that I’m using frequently. Actually I thought that that’s it with my merch from the world exhibition but when I went to OVS in Florence, during my further train-tripping through Italy, I discovered some EXPO 2015 T-Shirts. OVS is a big fashion retailer in Italy and also an official sponsor of the EXPO in Milan. Between different prints I’ve chosen this Tanktop for 9,99€ that I’m now using quite often as it’s sunny and warm.

Do you buy souvenirs and/or merchandise, or if not, why not?
These Shirts should be available until the end of Expo in November, unless they are sold out. More Articles about EXPO 2015 and the experiences during my Train Trip through Italy will follow this summer, stay tuned!

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