Fashionable Gym Bags - Travel Gear Shopping Tips

Fashionable Gym Bags – Travel Gear Shopping Tips

One of my favourite Travel Gear are Gym Bags. You know them from your early years in school, maybe, when you used them the way they should be worn, to transport your sports shoes and clothes. But recently I discovered Gym Bags again as a really usable Travel Companion. They are foldable and occupy like no space at all in your suitcase/bag and during the day they can be used as a small and light backpack to explore a City or visit a Festival. That Gym Bag I had, when I was about 6 to 10 years young, was red with ladybugs on it – something I would not wear nowadays. I think you wouldn’t, too, so I collected some really fashionable Gym Bags and listed them here in the first Article of my Travel Gear Shopping Tips.

Travel Gear Shopping Tips: Fashionable Gym Bags

As this Collection should be both for Women and Men I’ll just mix all the ones I found and liked. They are all from Amazon, so they should be all available for everyone all over the world. Some more hipster ones, some that scream for cool DIY Projects and some that are especially for heavy usage. Below there are 27 models, especially the one-colored ones are often available in different colors as well. Feel free to comment below the one(s) you liked the most.

EUR 13,99

EUR 15,00EUR 1,29

EUR 4,57EUR 13,99

EUR 5,50EUR 6,40

EUR 9,99EUR 12,99

EUR 39,95

EUR 37,00EUR 6,99

EUR 13,99EUR 13,99

EUR 13,99EUR 13,99

EUR 1,99EUR 12,84

EUR 19,91EUR 19,99

EUR 7,95EUR 37,00

EUR 13,99EUR 11,99

EUR 13,99EUR 59,00EUR 13,99

More Travel Gear Shopping Tips will follow, soon. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment below!

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