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FlightHub Challenge: How to plan and leave for a trip in 7 days | Ad

by Lisa


With the winter months reaching its peak, FlightHub knows how badly you want to get away. Between work, minimal sunlight, and the brazen cold waiting for you every morning outside your window, FlightHub reviews the way in which you can escape the cold on your own terms.

Day 1: Confirm your dates off

In the spirit of spontaneity, knowing when you can get your days off is pretty important when planning your trip within ten days. If you have a long weekend coming up, or a few vacation days saved in the bank, jump on this opportunity and plan your trip!

Day 2: Select your travel buddies (or fly solo)

Once you’ve confirmed your days off, see who’s around to come with you! Planning a spontaneous trip like this with friends is one of the best ways FlightHub believes you should break the winter blues.

On the off chance that friends and family can’t come with you, taking a solo trip is also a great alternative. After all, the trip was meant to be time away from home and the winter blues. Travelling solo is a fantastic opportunity to check in with yourself and do the things you want to do, without having to worry about other people’s schedules, interests, or habits.

Day 3: Don’t choose where you’re going, let the destination choose you

This is where the real adventure begins. Choosing last-minute destinations is one of the most fun (and affordable) ways to travel. Booking last-minute allows travellers to optimise of deals and savings otherwise lost in the pre-planning stages months before. Airlines are looking to fill their planes and are willing to drive their prices down to make sure all of their seats are sold. Take advantage of this and let the destination choose you!

Day 4: Book your accommodations

Now that you’ve booked your destination, FlightHub suggests looking into accommodations for your stay. Last minute deals on hostels, hotels and even AirBnb’s are a great option, and much like airlines, are looking to fill their beds and willing to lower their prices to do so.

Day 5: Plan some activities, or don’t

Depending on where you end up going, spending a day planning out your itinerary and activities is a beautiful way to get excited for your trip (as if you needed another reason!). Look up famous monuments, the best restaurants, local theatres, or, don’t look up anything at all and let the city surprise you! Either way, FlightHub is sure you’ll have a good time.

Day 6: Pack light, pack right!

Last but not least, packing for your trip! The best way to go anywhere on vacation is to wrap yourself in layers: bringing items that can be removed is an excellent way to saving space in your luggage and avoids overpacking (and the dreadful overweight fees you’ll face at the airport). Make sure to group your electronics and relevant documents together before your trip, and ensure that all liquids meet the standard regulations for flying!

Day 7: Time to Fly!

Say goodbye to loved ones and make your way to the airport! Make sure to arrive at least 2 hours in advance of your scheduled flight departure, and make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing for the plane! Remember to bring gum, a reusable water bottle, and a warm sweater with you to make your travel time more comfortable.

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