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FlightHub’s hacks for finding the best flights | Ad

by Lisa


Trying to find the best flight can often feel like sifting for a needle in a haystack; you’re sure that the perfect flight at the right price is out there somewhere, but how can you find it? With this in mind, FlightHub Review has compiled a list of tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the right flight at a reasonable fare.

Clear your cookies

This simple trick is an excellent way for you to make sure that the price you see isn’t inflated. Before conducting your search, clear your cookies and history browser, or simply open an incognito window on your internet browser. The next step is to begin your search. FlightHub recommends checking off the flex dates option when searching for fares, as you may be able to get better deals if you’re open to dealing and returning on alternate dates.

Consider secondary airports

A serious FlightHub hack that you should consider when booking your tickets is investigating alternative airports. Large airports (or main hubs), are expensive to fly into due to the imposed airport taxes these facilities charge airlines, who then in turn, pass on to the customer. These taxes can add up to an extra $100 onto a fare prices, which can seriously hurt the wallet. Considering a secondary airport may be beneficial as these taxes will most likely be less, therefore saving you more money!

Book on a Tuesday

Now that you’ve figured out your destination and which airport you’re flying into, FlightHub suggests booking your ticket on a Tuesday evening, 6-9 weeks prior to your departure date (or 12 weeks, should you be flying during peak seasons). During this time, airlines have a better idea of how many seats are left to sell for their flights, and should they project a loss on a particular flight, they’ll lower the fares down to encourage passengers to book.

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