Gelato in Padua at Prato della Valle

Whats better than a refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day? In Padua, after visiting the famous market on Prato della Valle, the biggest square in the country, I needed something refreshing. As I didn’t want to “waste” time by sitting in a street side cafe to enjoy a refreshing and cooled beverage, I went for something easier. A Limone gelato in a wafer, cono, to eat on the go. I went to the freestanding gelateria near xy and absolutely didn’t regret my decision. Even though it wasn’t the very best gelato I have ever had in Italy (read more about gelato university in Bologna), it was still a nice refreshment. To eat the gelato in Padua I went to the statues in thr middle of the square and sat there in the shadow. How nice!

gelato Prato della Valle Padua
Gelato near Prato della Valle Padua


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