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Knack und Back Chocolate Rolls

German Knack und Back Chocolate Rolls Review

by Lisa


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The Knack und Back chocolate rolls are a further development of the well-known and classic Sunday roll or croissant. I’m sure everyone knows these rolls. As a child, I always found it fascinating when the outer wrapper of the roll was removed, and I always looked forward to the moment when the dough would spill out of the bursting wrapper. Of course, the pastries were never comparable to bakery products, but they did their job and helped to maintain a feeling of satiety. As we are currently spending more time at home again, I’m sure many are falling into a baking euphoria again. If your sourdoughs from spring have not survived into winter, you can either produce new “mother doughs” (and take better care of them this time) or simply do without this stress. Just crack a tin and bake, that works, too. So here’s a review report on my experience with the Knack und Back chocolate rolls from the german supermarket refrigerator shelf.

Preparation/instructions for the Knack & Back chocolate rolls

First of all, turn the oven on to 200°C top/bottom heat or 180°C convection oven. Put baking paper on a baking tray ready to “assemble” the chocolate rolls and then bake them.

Now take the Knack & Back cardboard box out of the fridge, open it, grab the red corner of the roll and open it. After half a turn, you should hear the promising “pop” as the dough pours out. Twist the tin completely open, lift the dough and place it on the baking paper. The prepared dividing lines of the individual pain au chocolat / chocolate rolls are already clearly visible.

crack and bake dough chocolate bread croissant blog hyyperlic

Crack & Bake batter for chocolate rolls

Find the beginning of the dough and start rolling it out. For example, if you want to, you can release only 3 of the 6 doughs from the roll (and put the rest in a sealed package such as a tin or plastic bag in the fridge).

Now place the rectangular doughs on the baking paper with a little space between them. According to the official preparation instructions for the Knack und Back chocolate rolls, you should now “place two chocolate sticks at the end of each piece of dough and fold in both ends”. But, on the long or short side? It’s best to put the chocolate sticks on each of the short ends, so you have more room to roll.

Now place one chocolate stick on each of the short ends of the doughs, and roll each end up to about the middle of the respective piece of finished dough. The open ends do not need to be pressed or closed. If the chocolate pieces have been placed in the centre, the chocolate will not leak out. Now that the doughs are rolled up at the top, turn them over so that the top is smooth. You can now brush the top with a little egg yolk or (condensed) milk if you like, but I didn’t do this step.

Place the Pain au Chocolat rolls in the preheated oven for 12 minutes on the middle shelf. Then leave to cool briefly and serve fresh from the oven. The baked goods will rise only slightly, a gap of at least 3 centimetres should be observed.

Preparation of the Knack & Back chocolate rolls

Preparation of the Knack & Back chocolate rolls

Test/Review report of the Pain au Chocolat chocolate rolls from Knack und Back

Of course, products from Knack und Back are not 1A craftsmanship. The company Knack&Back belongs to the US company General Mills, formerly Pillsbury. The sixth-largest food manufacturer, worldwide. Its brands include Lucky Charms, Bisquick and Nature Valley. As well as Knack & Back in Germany.

With such a large corporation in the background, the goods must at least be tasty and easy to sell. And that’s what the Knack und Back chocolate rolls are. They’re not awfully bad, but they’re not exquisitely delicious either. You can eat them when you’re hungry, but I would rather not offer them to friends and family, because they didn’t taste that good. The dough is not comparable to the multi-layered puff pastry of a French croissant, more like slightly sweet bread dough.

By the way, the chocolate sticks supplied are not bake-proof and remain firm throughout the baking process, no, they melt completely. You may need to allow for some waiting time.

Of course, this also raises the question: how many calories does one Knack & Back chocolate roll have? According to the nutritional information directly from the manufacturer’s website, one portion, i.e. one pain au chocolat / chocolate roll, weighs 46 grams, which corresponds to 173 kcal.

crack and bake chocolate rolls ready-baked hyyperlic

crack and bake chocolate breads baked Blog hyyperlic

Where can you buy the german ready-made Pain au Chocolat to bake them yourself?

The chocolate rolls from Knack und Back are available in the general supermarkets, such as EDEKA, Rewe, or at amazon fresh (if amazon fresh is available in your region/city).



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