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How to decorate your Home for Christmas in no time

by Lisa


Christmas is the Time of the Year People want to spend at Home with their beloved ones. Taking some down Time, relaxing and having quality time. Eating lots of Christmas Cookies and Cakes, drinking hot mulled wine and delicious Food. Christmas is also a Time for heavy decorations that create a very special atmosphere. During this dark season all the lights light up the streets and our hearts. But, who has actual time to fully decorate your Home for Christmas. Time you could should spend Travelling and Exploring. To help you I’m sharing some of my Tips on how to decorate your Home for Christmas in no Time, to have more time for the really important things.

How I decorate my Home for Christmas in no Time

During the Christmas season I really like to have a comfy and inviting Home, with decoration and lights and an obligatory Christmas tree. But, Christmas season is also a very  busy season and over the years I managed to have some Tips and Tricks on saving Time while doing so. It’s almost like someone else did it for me, and I’m just rushing home for Christmas and everything is set up and ready. And I have more time to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Phase 1: Planning – what do I want and what do I have?

The first Thing you should ask yourself when decorating your Home for Christmas is, what do I want to have and what do I already have? Do you still have some left-over candles, if you want real candles, from last year, or are the LED Christmas Lights from last year probably broken and you need to buy a new one? Or do you want to have a special color scheme this season? A friend of mine had red/gold last year and is switching to purple/silver this year. But I’m rather a traditional kind of person and I want to stick to some classic colors like red, gold and silver. If you are sure about what you want, and what you already have, it’s time for the next phase. If you are still unsure about your decoration I can highly recommend Pinterest for your Home Decoration.

Phase 2: Getting the Things – buying or borrowing!

If you know what you need it’s now Time to get the Things. You can either visit local stores, decoration stores or even supermarkets, or browse online. No surprise, there are several online shops that are specialized for Christmas Decorations and, one of the Tips I also share with my Friends: Why not buying (used) Christmas Decoration via Online Auctions? Make sure to read the descriptions carefully so that you are not buying anything broken. If you are currently abroad you can easily order the Things in Time, so when you arrive back home they are already waiting for you. Another Tip would be to borrow things from Friends and Family, if you are looking for some specific things.

Phase 3: Setting everything up – shared is better.

Why not inviting a friend over to help you decorate your Home for Christmas? Shared is always better and over one or two cups of hot mulled wine, and some good talks and laughs, this will increase your anticipation for Christmas and the Holiday season a lot. Of course you can decorate your Home by yourself as well, but make sure to listen to some Christmas Songs like ‘Last Christmas, I gave you my heart..’ and sing along.

The final Phase is all about enjoying your well spent Time at Home, with your Christmas Decoration. Enjoy the upcoming Christmas season!

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