Learning Italian #1

Welcome to the first Episode of learning Italian together! Based on Episode 1 of Coffee Break Italian by Radio Lingua you will find here the words learnt in this Podcast, as well as the Audio File itself. This lesson is 21 minutes long, including enough time for you to repeat the words and sentences. I hope you enjoy this first lesson and will check back next week, to learn more Italian!

What you learn in Season 1 – Lesson 1 by Coffee Break Italian


Cominciamo – Let’s begin
Ciao – Hi / informal hello
Come stai? – How are you?
Bene – well
Bene, e tu? – well, and you?
Sto bene – I’m well
Sto bene grazie – I’m well, thank you
Perfetto – Perfect
Sto molto bene – I’m very well
Sto molto bene grazie e tu? – I’m very well, thanks, and you?
Sto benissimo – I’m very well / feeling perfect
Male – bad / not good
Sto male – I’m feeling bad
Sto molto male – I’m feeling very bad
Sto malissimo – I’m feeling awful
Mamma mia sto malissimo – Oh my (goodness) I’m feeling awful
Grazie – Thank you
Prego – You are welcome
va bene – okay
Oggi – today
Oggi sto male – today I’m feeling bad
Come stai oggi? – how are you today?
e tutto per oggi – that’s all for today
A presto – bis bald

CBI 1-01 | Saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in Italian

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See you next sunday for Episode 2!

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