Learning Italian #2

Ciao Amici, come stai? Let’s enjoy some new Italian words today! Hope you liked the first episode last week, and continue with me to learn Italian with this Podcast. For the future, if you’ve missed an episode, at the end I will link to all the previously posted episodes.

What you learn in Season 1 – Lesson 2 by Coffee Break Italian


Cominciamo – Let’s begin
Ciao – Hi / Bye
Come stai? – How are you (informal)
Sto bene –  I’m well
Sto male – I’m feeling bad

Buon Giorno – Good Day
Buona Sera – Good evening (after lunch/ until late afternoon)
Buona Notte – Good night
Buon pomeriggio – Good Afternoon
Mi chiamo Lisa – My name is Lisa
Come ti chiami? – What is your name? (informal)
Come si chiama? – What is your name? (formal)
Come sta? – How are you? (formal)
Sono – I’m
Sono Lisa – I’m Lisa
anch’io – me, too
anch’io sto bene – I’m well, too
Piacere – pleasure
Piacere, mi chiamo – Nice to meet you, my name is
e lei come sta? – and how are you?
piacere mio – it’s my pleasure
Arrivederci – Good bye!

CBI 1-02 | Greetings in Italian

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See you next sunday for Episode 3!
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