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swabian Maultaschen Broth Soup as a starter, first course

German Maultaschen broth Soup – Recipe

Recipe for authentic southern German Maultaschen Suppe in Brühe

by Lisa


Maultaschen are a staple in southern German Cuisine. Year-Round people enjoy those filled noodle pockets, in different variations. Find here the Recipe for Maultaschen broth Soup / Maultaschen Suppe in Brühe. You might also want to check out the Blogpost about German Maultaschen, learn about how they have been invented, and a total of three different types of preparation.

Maultaschen Soup is a great make-ahead meal as you can freeze it easily. Either only the hard ingredients or already including the liquid so you only have to slowly let it thaw. Soups are anyway great for those cold winter months, and Maultaschen soup with clear broth is a delicious starter or main meal.
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pre-prepared Maultaschen Soup Ingredients (pre-cut Maultasche, greated carrot and grated potato)

pre-prepared Maultaschen Soup Ingredients (pre-cut Maultasche, greated carrot and grated potato)

Recipe for southern German Maultaschen in (instant) vegetable stock soup

Maultaschen clear broth soup with carrot, potato and chives

Servings: 1 Prep Time: Cooking Time: Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat


one Maultasche
½ carrot
½ small potato
2 chives
instant broth (vegetable or bone), or homemade broth if already on hand


First up, place a pot on high heat and warm up the water. At least 200 ml per portion.

In the meanwhile, prepare your ingredients. You can either leave the Maultasche as big as it is or slice it up. I like to have bite-sized pieces, so I cut the single Maultasche up into 8 equally sized pieces. Also, if you like to have more “garnish” in the clear stock soup, prepare half a grated carrot and half a grated potato per portion.

Once the water is boiling, add the recommended amount of instant stock powder as well as the pre-prepared grated goods and the pieces of Maultasche. Reduce the heat to the lowest possible heat, or reduce it at all. Now you only want to simmer the ingredients, not cook them. As both the carrot and potato are grated, they will be ready at the same time the Maultasche needs to be simmered, which is at around 8 minutes.

Garnish your Maultaschen soup with a few pieces of chive and serve immediately. Enjoy this typical Swabian dish!

additional notes

This soup is also great to be stored in a freezer, to prepare it any time you wish to enjoy homemade Maultaschen Soup. Simply store the pre-cut Maultasche, grated carrot and potato in a zip lock bag in your freezer, and heat everything up in a broth with instant (vegetable) stock powder. Your soup will be ready in minutes.

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