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My New Year’s Resolution 2017 – Learning Italian

Happy New Year to all of you! Have you made one or several New Year’s Resolutions? I usually don’t have one, because like, I won’t stick to them for too long anyways. But this Year, I want to do something that actually will improve my Life and Yes, my New Year’s Resolution for 2017 is to learn Italian.

Some Days ago I checked Spotify for Podcasts and found “Coffee Break Italian” by Radio Lingua Network. It’s a Podcast in Coffee Break length, teaching you Italian words and sentences. After listening, and talking, the first episode I was sure, I want to stick to this! Even though it feels super weird to talk and repeat everything, but hopefully it will be super worth it!
You can listen to the Podcast on your Computer via your web browser or on your smartphone if you have the Spotify App installed (search for Coffee Break Italian to find it). In the App you can also download the episodes, to enjoy them on the Go and when you are not close to mobile Internet or WiFi. The educational Podcast is not only available for Italian, but also for Spanish, French, Chinese and German.

“Coffee Break Italian” by Radio Lingua Network

Season 1 aired with 40 Episodes, Season 2 will start in January 2017.
Where to listen to the Podcasts: on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud or straight on their website.

In the upcoming weeks, every Sunday, I’m sharing an Article, that is hopefully helpful for you as well as for me, with each all the newly learnt words and phrases through ‘Coffee Break Italian’ Program Episodes. This Sunday I will recap the first episode, and until the end of the year we are hopefully able to communicate at least a bit in Italian!

To give you a first scoop on what to await from such a Podcast Language Online Couse, here the Coffee Break Italian – Preview Episode:

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