EXPO 2015 Merchandise by OVS

Merchandise Products can be so boring sometimes. Nevertheless I’m a huge fan of buying things that I can use on a(n almost) daily basis that remind me on certain events, […]

Instagram Apps for Windows Phone

Instagram Apps for Windows Phone

Instagram for Windows Phone? Yes, it’s (finally) possible! When I first owned one of the new Nokia with the Windows Phone OS, this was back in Summer 2011, the OS […]

Zaandam Inntel Hotels Zaan Houses Train Station Netherlands Travel Diary

Travel Diary: 1 hour in Zaandam

If you have one hour in Zaandam, what would you do? Well, what I did was to admire the world famous Inntelhotels Hotel in Zaandam, go a little shopping and […]

Lombardy, Mobility

Taking an UBER in Milan

Taking a UBER in Milan was a great and easy experience for me. When I left the City in the Morning, fully packed with a backpack, a bag with my […]