Qatar Airways Business Class Flight Review Doha - Canberra QR906 Boeing 777-300ER Qsuite
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Qatar Airways Qsuite Flight Review: Doha – Canberra QR906 (Boeing 777-300ER Qsuite Business Class)

Advertisement The Qatar Airways Flight from Doha – Canberra has been my longest flight so far, yet my most comfortable one. How was this possible? Thanks to the fantastic Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class the flight time of more than 16 hours felt exhaustion-wise like a short 4-hour flight, at most. One the Inaugural Flight […]

Lufthansa Flight Review: Frankfurt - Los Angeles LH456 (Economy Class) Airbus A380
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Lufthansa Flight Review: Frankfurt – Los Angeles LH456 (A380 Economy Class)

Advertisement A380! Finally, I got to fly with the big Airbus A380 by Lufthansa. On a short 10:55 hour flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles I was travelling in the cheapest most affordable category, in Economy. Lufthansa offers 4 categories to travel in their Airbus A380’s on long-haul flights: Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class […]

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myOffer Experience: Lufthansa Upgrade Cash Offer

Advertisement You don’t want to be stuck in Economy Class? Then myOffer by Lufthansa might be an option for you. It’s not a totally new thing, but you can pay Lufthansa (extra) money for a class upgrade. Depending on your booking class, this might be an option, or not. First of all, you need a […]

People's Viennaline Flight Review Embraer 170 - Travelblog

Airline Review: People’s Viennaline

Advertisement People’s Viennaline is a small Airline based at St. Gallen Altenrhein Airport closely to Rorschach in Switzerland. Their main route is connecting Vienna with Altenrhein, so said from one to the other end of Austria. From November 2016 to April 2017 they had another Route for a brief time, from St. Gallen Altenrhein via […]

Germania Flight Review Palma de Mallorca JoyDellaVita
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Germania Flight Review to Palma de Mallorca

Advertisement Germania is a german Airline operating in the low-cost segment on touristic Routes such as Mallorca, Madeira, Antalya and more. Recently I had my first flight with Germania to Palma de Mallorca and I enjoyed it so much! Compared to other budget-Airlines you receive so much service and hospitality, it’s actually unfortunate that they […]