Zeppole di San Giuseppe Padua Padova Pasticceria Graziati
Padua | Padova

Enjoying Zeppole di San Giuseppe in Padua / Padova

Advertisement Zeppole di San Giuseppe are delicious choux pastry doughnuts filled with vanilla cream and decorated with an amaranth cherry. Usually prepared for Saint Joseph’s Day on March 19th, you can guilt-free enjoy them year-round in Italy. In Padua, I enjoyed my first Zeppole di San Giuseppe at Pasticceria Graziati and I definitely enjoyed it. […]

Arance e Yoghurt Muffins Italian Sicilian Oranges Mini Cakes Muffins Recipe JoyDellaVita
Italy Recipes from around the world

Recipe: Muffin Arance e Yogurt – Italian Sicilian orange and yogurt mini-cakes (muffins)

Advertisement Muffin Arance e Yogurt are perfect for those current warm spring days, homemade Muffins with the juice of Sicilian oranges and yoghurt. They are delicate, fluffy and taste absolutely pristine, and if you want you can even add some chocolate chips for an extra touch. The preparation is easy and within minutes you will […]