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Balangan Dinner NENI 25hours Berlin Falafel Hummus Pavlova JoyDellaVita
Berlin, Food

Balangan Dinner at NENI 25hours Berlin

At the Top of 25hours Berlin, you can overlook parts of Berlin and the Tiergarten while enjoying some delicious Meals. To enjoy the most of the different types of Mezze, order the Balangan Dinner at […]

FalafelBag & Hummus by BagYard Berlin BIKINI
Berlin, Food

FalafelBag & Hummus by BagYard Berlin BIKINI

If you’re looking for a delicious meal, Berlin’s diverse cuisine offers something for everyone. BagYard is one of these cool concepts. BagYard, located inside BIKINI concept mall, sells so-called bags filled with vegan or vegetarian […]

Burger Theory Adelaide Falafel Burger
Adelaide, Food

Falafel Burger by Burger Theory Adelaide

The best place to go as a vegetarian when you’re craving a Burger in Adelaide, Australia? Go to Burger Theory and enjoy their Falafel Burger! Burger Theory Adelaide is located just off the shopping area […]

ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
Antalya, Food

ROKKA – best Falafel in Antalya, Turkey

The Falafel at ROKKA Pizza Falafel Sandwich in Antalya were the very best I’ve ever had, and I already had a lot Falafel. You can eat Falafel, and you can eat Falafel. Even though they […]