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My Travel Year 2018

How come it’s already, almost, February? Wasn’t 2018 just somewhat yesterday? Wow, time flies… My Travel Year 2018 hasn’t been as hectic and busy as my past years, but guess what, I enjoyed it nevertheless. […]

Pommes Freunde Frankfurt at MyZeil
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Pommes Freunde Frankfurt at MyZeil

If you want to enjoy delicious Fries with a variety of Belgian sauces you should definitely stop by any Pommes Freunde in Germany. This chain has currently 5 sales points in Germany; 3 in Munich, […]

Opel Astra K Red

Opel OnStar & Apple CarPlay inside the Opel Astra K

The Opel Astra K is the newest mid-size model by the Rüsselsheim based automotive manufacturer. The new Astra will officially debut at Frankfurt Motor Show this September and the Car features some innovations that will […]