Novo Hotel Rossi Verona City Centre Train Station Review Experience

Staying at Novo Hotel Rossi Verona near the Train Station

Advertisement Novo Hotel Rossi Verona is a nice 3-star hotel close to the Porta Nuova train station of Verona. Hotels in the districts close to main train stations are usually not a good place to stay, however, Novo Hotel Rossi Verona is located in sufficient distance to both noise and “weird people” hanging around the […]

Intercontinental The City Doha West Bay Qatar Travel Blog JoyDellavita

Staying at Intercontinental The City in Doha West Bay, Qatar

Advertisement The views from the 27th floor at Intercontinental The City in Doha’s West Bay couldn’t have been any more stunning. Both the impressive skyscraper skyline including the nearby beach have been constantly in my sight, all while the air-conditioning was cooling my room at a pleasing temperature. Outside temperatures in Doha can be tough […]

Hotel Maria Cristina San Sebastian Donostia Review Test Experience Travelblogger
Donostia San Sebastian PressTrip / Press Event

Staying at Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian – Donostia

Advertisement Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian – Donostia is probably the most beautiful Hotel in Town. The property is not only named after the former Queen of Spain, Maria Christina of Austria, she was also the one that brought Tourism and fine architectural styles to San Sebastian. She spent every summer except for just […]

Park HYATT Hotel Canberra Australia Travelblog Review
Canberra PressTrip / Press Event

Staying at the famous Hyatt Hotel Canberra in Canberra, Australia

Advertisement Hyatt Hotel Canberra has to be the most famous Hotel in the Australian Capital Territory, and luckily I got to spend a few nights there during my first ever visit to Canberra. Still, nowadays the charm of the roaring ’20s is still visible and active in parts at this beautiful 5 Star Hotel. Once […]

The Garland Hotel West Hollywood Universal City Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Staying at The Garland Hotel Los Angeles in North Hollywood near Universal City

Advertisement Looking up Pictures of The Garland Hotel in North Hollywood before my visit, it somehow felt so familiar. Like the set of a scene in a typical Hollywood Movie. A cosy Pool area including an outdoor cinema, big beds and healthy but delicious food. I just couldn’t wait to finally check in The Garland […]

Van der Valk Sassenheim-Leiden Travelblog JoyDellaVita

Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden

Advertisement Just 10 km from famous Keukenhof you reach Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden. Located in between Amsterdam and The Hague this Hotel is just one by the big hotel chain Van der Valk. The special thing is that all Hotels are still managed by members of the founding family, unlike Hotels by other Hotel […]