Roadtrip Music Playlist 2017 JoyDellaVita

My Summer 2017 Roadtrip Playlist

Advertisement A quintessential ingredient for a good Summer Roadtrip is a playlist with good music. Customised ones are often better than playing regional radio stations, even though I quite enjoyed greek folklore music during my 3 days offroad adventure in Crete. Anyway, good tunes often bring sweet memories, bringing flashbacks to those ‘good old times’. […]

Lunch Restaurant Thalori Traditional Village Crete - Travelblog
Crete Food

Lunch at Thalori Traditional Village in the south of Crete with stunning views

Advertisement Kapetaniana is a small village in the south of Crete, but not just a regular village. Thalori Traditional Village offers a unique accommodation experience, as the Guesthouses are spread around the village, in converted old houses. Situated on a stone ridge of Asterousia mountain range guests can enjoy ‘original Cretan hospitality’ and beautiful nature. […]