Pomodoro Mozzarella Panzerotti Padua daPrette Padova
Padua | Padova

Pomodoro & Mozzarella Panzerotti by daPrette in Padua / Padova

Advertisement Pomodoro & Mozzarella Panzerotti by daPrette in Padua / Padova – yummm!!! Have you ever tried Panzerotti? Panzerotti, also known as panzarotto, is a sort of small calzone. The semicircular, half-moon, shaped dough pieces are usually filled with tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of other delicious things such as ham, veggies or sometimes […]

Fast Pizza La Conchiglia Verona Arena

Fast Pizza in Verona near Arena di Verona

Advertisement La Conchiglia in Verona is a “fast pizza” restaurant just nearby the famous Arena di Verona. Located in the Citta Alta the restaurant for sure is targeted mainly on tourists, due to its convenient location. But it is also made by Pizza World Champion 2013, guaranteeing you more than just a good Pizza. I […]

Recipe Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita
Italy Naples | Napoli Recipes from around the world

Recipe: How to make Pizza Fritta / Fried Pizza, learnt in Naples, Italy at 1947 Pizza Fritta

Advertisement Naples / Napoli, a culinary destination you should not miss on a Trip to Italy! To bring more back home from the Land of Culture and good Food, I’m sharing with you the Recipe on how to make Fried Pizza, as I’ve learnt it at Restaurant 1947 Pizza Fritta in Naples, Italy. Below you […]