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Restaurant Oberhafenkantine Hamburg blog joydellavita

Lunch at famous Oberhafen Kantine Hamburg

The weirdest restaurant in Hamburg is the Oberhafenkantine. Not only because of an original interior or eccentric staff, no, the entire building is in an inclined position. To locate at the outer end of Hafencity, […]

Fast Pizza La Conchiglia Verona Arena

Fast Pizza in Verona near Arena di Verona

La Conchiglia in Verona is a “fast pizza” restaurant just nearby the famous Arena di Verona. Located in the Citta Alta the restaurant for sure is targeted mainly on tourists, due to its convenient location. […]

Skinny Primavera Pizza Zizzi Edinburgh JoyDellaVita
Food, Scotland

Skinny Primavera Pizza at Zizzi Edinburgh

You are craving a delicious Pizza but fear the calories? Then hurry to Zizzi and try a Skinny Pizza with just 550 kcal each – maximum taste but lesser calories, a perfect combination. After walking […]

Ristorante Pizzeria Alba Riccione
Food, Riccione

Ristorante Pizzeria Alba Riccione

Ristorante Pizzeria Alba in Riccione is located at Viale Dante, a lively Shopping Street close to the Beach of Riccione. Already some years ago I had such a good Pizza Margherita there, I simply needed […]