Bigoi Pasta Pesto Genovese green Pesto Padua Padova Fast Food Blog JoyDellaVita
Padua | Padova

Delicious Bigoli Pasta Pesto Genovese at Bigoi Padua / Padova

Advertisement Is Fast Food always unhealthy? absolutely not! A new kind of fast food chain is taking over (northern) Italy and I absolutely love it. Bigoi. In various locations and cities across the northern part of Italy, they are selling Pasta. Quick and easy. Their only type of Pasta is Bigoli, or Pici in the […]

Vegan Veggie roll set Sushi Wasabi UK London test review
Food London

Vegan Veggie roll set Sushi by Wasabi UK in London

Advertisement My new favourite Veggie Sushi, the Vegan Veggie roll set by Wasabi UK in London! Finding sushi without fish can be quite tricky sometimes, especially if you want something else than cucumber hosomaki. Some time ago I discovered the “No Sushi” by Kreative Reisrollen in southern Germany (they even offer Sushi Burgers), but the […]

Amelia San Sebastian Donostia Tasting Menu Michelin Restaurant Review Test Experience Travelblogger
Donostia San Sebastian Food PressTrip / Press Event

Amelia Michelin Star Restaurant San Sebastian Donostia – Vegetarian Tasting Menu

Advertisement Amelia Restaurant in San Sebastian was just recently rewarded with a Michelin Star, a highly prestigious honour in the culinary world. Amelia isn’t a regular restaurant with a menu of various dishes to choose from, from starters to mains and desserts, no, Amelia solely offers tasting menus. By this, they want to “offer a […]

La Cepa Donostia San Sebastián Pintxo Bar Restaurant
Donostia San Sebastian Food

Pintxo Bar La Cepa in Donostia San Sebastián

Advertisement A more traditional Pintxo Bar in Donostia San Sebastián is La Cepa. Located in the old city centre right nearby one Restaurant next to each other, you might miss La Cepa and just walk past, but that’s something you definitely shouldn’t do. With heavy wooden interior and fun table decorations, Pintxo Bar La Cepa […]

KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian
Donostia San Sebastian Food PressTrip / Press Event

Vegetarian Lunch at KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian

Advertisement An Oyster Bar is usually not the first address for a vegetarian, however, my fish- and meat-free options at KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian have been incredible. With so many excellent restaurants and Pinchos Bar options available all across the City, it would be a shame to only eat at one place. The […]

La Sucursal Valencia Veles e Vents Restaurant Review Experience
Food Valencia

Dinner at Restaurant La Sucursal Valencia on Top of Veles e Vents

Advertisement Mediterranean cuisine in an elusive environment at Restaurant La Sucursal Valencia, what else to ask for a special dinner. Located on the top floor of former America’s Cup Foredeck Building by David Chipperfield Architects completed in 2006, it was always meant to be a place that connects people and offers remarkable views. Restaurant La Sucursal […]

Lunch Pialligo Estate Canberra
Canberra Food

Lunch at Pialligo Estate Canberra

Advertisement Shared Food is the best Food. If you’re in a Group, just order a variety of different dishes and tastes for the Table and indulge in a bit of everything. My Lunch at Pialligo Estate Canberra has been an incredible feast of fresh ingredients and delicious tastes. More than 40 different fruits, wine and […]

Strandhaus Chiemsee
Food Munich | München

Biergarten Restaurant Seewirts Strandhaus at Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria

Advertisement Bavaria, the region of Weisswurst sausages and a variety of other equally hearty meat-dishes. As a vegetarian in Bavaria, you might feel a bit lost sometimes, but still, there are often at least a few options to chose from. However, Restaurant Seewirts Strandhaus at Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria had fantastic dishes on their menu. […]