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Pintxo Bar La Cepa in Donostia San Sebastián

Advertisement A more traditional Pintxo Bar in Donostia San Sebastián is La Cepa. Located in the old city centre right nearby one Restaurant next to each other, you might miss La Cepa and just walk past, but that’s something you definitely shouldn’t do. With heavy wooden interior and fun table decorations, Pintxo Bar La Cepa […]

KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian
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Vegetarian Lunch at KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian

Advertisement An Oyster Bar is usually not the first address for a vegetarian, however, my fish- and meat-free options at KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian have been incredible. With so many excellent restaurants and Pinchos Bar options available all across the City, it would be a shame to only eat at one place. The […]