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How to travel from Milan to Lake Lugano – How far is Lugano from Milan ?

Advertisement Milan is an ideal base to not only explore the Lombard capital city but also for various day trips. Want to visit another City, then head to Bergamo, Verona or Venice, want to go to a Lake, then go to Como, Lake Maggiore or Lugano. While Lake Maggiore is famous for its weekly markets, […]

Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Tübingen in southern Germany

Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Tübingen in southern Germany

Advertisement Tuebingen or Tübingen is a Swabian city just some kilometres south of Stuttgart. Next to the widespread area of Stuttgart, Tübingen is like a smaller, more relaxed and in my opinion even more picturesque version of a Swabian city with a historic city centre. But as often in (southern) Germany, the internet with all […]

Roadtrip Music Playlist 2017 JoyDellaVita

My Summer 2017 Roadtrip Playlist

Advertisement A quintessential ingredient for a good Summer Roadtrip is a playlist with good music. Customised ones are often better than playing regional radio stations, even though I quite enjoyed greek folklore music during my 3 days offroad adventure in Crete. Anyway, good tunes often bring sweet memories, bringing flashbacks to those ‘good old times’. […]

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My Travel Year 2016

Advertisement 2016 has been a great Year, Travel-wise. In 2016 I travelled further and more than ever before, which motivated me to travel even more in 2017. Before we will clink our champagne glasses and wish each other a happy new Year 2017, here my Travel Year 2016 in Rewind, and some numbers. Before you […]

Straciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo
Bergamo Recipes from around the world

Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo & authentic Recipe

Advertisement Did you know that La Marianna Bergamo is the inventor of the Stracciatella Gelato? The Ice-Cream was invented and produced for the first time by Enrico Panattoni in 1961, the owner of the Cafe. Stracciatella Gelato is creamy white with irregular pieces of dark chocolate. Isn’t it interesting that this ice-cream sort was invented […]