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Travel Year 2017 Travelblogger Lisa JoyDellaVita

My Travel Year 2017

Whoa, today it’s the 31st of December of the Year 2017, the final day of the year. What a year it has been, again! I started with this nice tradition of reflecting the years two […]

Czech Republic

#VisitCZ Twitter Chat on 22nd Feb 2017

It’s this time again, time for another #VisitCZ Travel Chat on Twitter! Join VisitCZ, me, and others chatting about the Czech Republic and this time especially Outdoor Activities and the beautiful Winter Season. This #VisitCZ […]

Travel Blogger Lisa Schwarz Bergamo Italy JoyDellaVita

My Travel Year 2016

2016 has been a great Year, Travel-wise. In 2016 I travelled further and more than ever before, which motivated me to travel even more in 2017. Before we will clink our champagne glasses and wish […]

Rome Italy Travel Diary JoyDellaVita Travelblog
Rome | Roma

Travel Diary: 24h in Rome in May

Having just 24h in Rome is way too short! Even though a stay in Rome should be as long as ever possible I tried to do my best and explore as much as possible. Due […]

Saint Mark's Square in Venice in January Joy Della Vita Travelblog
Europe, Italy, Travel, Veneto

Saint Mark’s Square in Venice

One of the main tourist attractions in Venice in Italy is the Saint Mark’s Square. The fact that the Saint Mark’s Square is the only real square in Venice, the floating City, makes it even […]