Tips for packing smart and traveling light

Tips for packing smart and traveling light | Ad


Justfly Tips for easy travelling.

You’ll never meet a traveller who after five trips, brags: “Every year, I pack heavier.” The measure of a good traveller is how light he or she travels. Let’s face it, travelling can never be as enjoyable and fun if you’re going to bring lots and lots of items, and come back and realised you never had the chance to use all of them. You’ll end up getting tired, paying extras, and be more cautious about your belongings if you travel with so much baggage. Here are some packing tips that’ll help you travel lightly.

If Possible, Just Bring One Bag!

Even the stingiest airlines allow you to bring a personal item free of charge as long as it fits underneath the seat in front of you. Now it’s time to practice that minimalist lifestyle you’ve been hearing about! Pare down your travel must-haves to only the necessities: a change of clothes, essential toiletries, and a smartphone—and put it in your purse or man bag. Chances are, if you are travelling for a few days, you can get by without feeling inconvenienced.

If possible, just bring one bag. You’ll walk with your luggage more than you think you will. Imagine yourself roaming around the city—fully loaded; it’s going to be a tedious one, and chances are: your luggage might get lost, broken or stolen. If you really want to experience the highest level of enjoyment in Traveling, don’t take anything except the clothes on your back, your passport, some money your phone and maybe—your toothbrush. This method is not for everyone, but some who travel this way were astonished by how efficient and convenient it is. Remember: packing light isn’t just about saving time or money—it’s about your travelling lifestyle. Whatever you need on your journey can be bought or borrowed, and it connects you to people and places in a real meaningful way that just doesn’t happen when you’re travelling around with a 50-pound suitcase.

Only pack enough clothes for seven days, no matter how long you’re travelling for. It’s easier to find a laundromat once a week than it is to carry all of the extra weight around with you the entire trip. Pack for the best-case-scenario; think in terms of what you can do without—not what will be handy on your trip. This will not only leave you with a lighter pack, but it can also help you have plenty of room for souvenirs!

Plan Your Travel

Aside from that, you might as well plan your adventurous journey, with the help of some travel agencies that you can reach through the internet. With the help of technology, travelling has been more convenient and fast. You can manage your bookings thru your mobile phones with the help of some reliable travel apps. A travel app, just like JustFly App, helps a traveller in booking their flights, hotels and even cars! You can do some research if you want to learn more about these travel apps and online travel agencies, you can type JustFly Reviews for example, and you can have a full detailed information regarding the deals and offers and how the agency can help you with your journey.


Go casual, simple, and very light. Plan your travel according to how you will be able to enjoy the rest of your vacation, instead of checking your luggage from time to time. It’ll be convenient, hassle-free and absolutely fun!    


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