Tiramisu at Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona near La Rambla

Tiramisu at Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona near La Rambla


What’s better than Tiramisu, especially after a long day of sightseeing and walking? I already said that after my fantastic Tiramisu in Rome, and (still) after my Tiramisu in Barcelona. Coffee, or Caffein in general, just helps you getting over an afternoon low, to be ready to explore and walk even more. Usually, the Spanish cuisine is not known for Tiramisu, as it’s an Italian classic. But, as varied as the Gastronomic World in Barcelona is, of course there are plenty of Italian Restaurants. In the oldest part of Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter, just a few meters off the famous La Rambla, I came across Macchina Pasta Bar. The Italian Restaurant has another store near Fontana Metro Station, and at both places, Italian classics are offered for good prices.

From the La Rambla it is just 180 meters to Macchina Pasta Bar at Carrer dels Escudellers 47. Even on the late afternoon, the Restaurant was well filled with other customers. As they are open throughout the day without any breaks it’s great for Tourists that either want to eat very late in the afternoon or earlier than the usual time of around 7 pm for Dinner in Spain. The Concept of Macchina Pasta Bar in Barcelona is to offer highly customizable Pasta Dishes, with homemade Pasta. For example, you could order Ravioli in a Carbonara Sauce with Feta Cheese and Spinach as an extra ingredient. Or some basic Spaghetti Pomodoro, it’s all up to you and how you prefer your Pasta. You can check out their full menu on their website, with a better explanation of how everything works and what’s on offer.
In the area around the counter, you can not only watch the chefs prepare the meals but also the salads and desserts that are on offer. As for sweets, they offer Panna Cotta, Bonet, and Tiramisu, for each just 2,90€. With an Espresso for 1,10€, I came to a price of 4,00€ for a sweet and energizing afternoon snack, a great deal for this location in Barcelona. After paying my order was brought to my table and already after the first bite of the Tiramisu I was convinced to come back to Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona near La Rambla. The Tiramisu was creamy and the biscuits were well soaked in coffee, the atmosphere was nice (also because they played nice music) and the location very good. Sure, it’s not 100% comparable to a Tiramisu in Italy, but it was a solid 90%, at least. I will definitely come back to Macchina in Barcelona and try their Pasta (and have another Tiramisu afterward).

Address Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona near La Rambla

Carrer dels Escudellers, 47
08002 Barcelona
closest Metro Station: Drassanes L3)
Website: http://macchinapastabar.com

Pictures: Tiramisu at Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona near La Rambla

Tiramisu Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona La Rambla JoyDellaVita

Tiramisu Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona La Rambla JoyDellaVita

Tiramisu Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona La Rambla JoyDellaVita

Macchina Pasta Bar Barcelona La Rambla JoyDellaVita


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