JBL T110 in-ear headphones travel review joydellavita

My new travel in-ear headphones: JBL T110 (Product Review)

Why didn’t I but proper in-ear headphones by JBL sooner?! Disclaimer: this is not a paid promotion by JBL, I bought them myself on Amazon (hooray for next day delivery…). Below you will find an advertisement for JBL headphones and if you chose to buy them yourself as well, I will get a small commission.

Buying good but affordable headphones is actually trickier than you might imagine. For a long time I have always bought the cheapest in-ear headphones possible, of course, I so, sometimes even broke two a month, on a regular basis. Sure, what else to expect from 2€ headphones. So I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first pair of proper in-ear headphones. Surprisingly, with a price tag of only 8,99€, they are so much better than the super cheap ones, while still being utterly affordable. After having visited Harman HQ last December near Los Angeles, I have learnt so much about sound, and good sound, furthermore I appreciate good sound so much more since then, and pay much more attention to it. One very informative press trip and my ears will thank me for it for the rest of my life.

The JBL T110 are available in two colours, all black or white with a tiny bit of orange. The big advantage of those JBL in-ear headphones is that they aren’t only headphones, they also have a microphone inserted and work as a headset. The T110 also features a 1-Button remote, where the microphone is integrated, for me located in a perfect height near my mouth, to answer incoming calls or to pause/resume/skip a song. Besides the JBL Pure Bass Sound, they also feature tangle-free flat cables. Personally, I just like how much thought JBL puts into their products, delivering not only remarkable sound (and bass) but also well thought through hassle-free product features and packaging, always with the customer’s needs in mind. As of right now, I have been using the JBL T110 for about 3 weeks, and I will definitely continue using them. Until they eventual break. Probably in a year or so.

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JBL T110 in-ear headphones travel review joydellavita
JBL T110 in-ear headphones

JBL T110 in-ear headphones travel review joydellavita

JBL T110 in-ear headphones travel review joydellavita

JBL T110 in-ear headphones travel review joydellavita


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