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Lugano / Lake Lugano Mobility Zurich | Zürich

SBB Review: EuroCity Train from Zurich to Lugano in 2nd class

Advertisement In just 2 hours and 12 minutes, the SBB EuroCity Train takes you from Zurich to Lugano. From one City at a Lake to another City at a Lake, but an entirely different climate. May it just be for a day trip, or a holiday, visiting Lugano is always worth any visit. As there […]

Lugano Train Station EuroCity
Lugano / Lake Lugano Milan | Milano Mobility

How to travel from Milan to Lake Lugano – How far is Lugano from Milan ?

Advertisement Milan is an ideal base to not only explore the Lombard capital city but also for various day trips. Want to visit another City, then head to Bergamo, Verona or Venice, want to go to a Lake, then go to Como, Lake Maggiore or Lugano. While Lake Maggiore is famous for its weekly markets, […]

Boat Lake Lugano Experience Travel Blog Review Lugano Centrale lago Lugano Paradiso
Lugano / Lake Lugano Mobility

The cheapest boat tour on Lake Lugano – Lugano Centrale (lago) to Lugano Paradiso

Advertisement There is no reason why you shouldn’t take a Boat on Lake Lugano! Lugano, what a wonderfully beautiful city. The deep blue water, surrounded by sky-high green mountains, what a scenery. Walking along the shores of the Lake is indeed very nice, but what’s even nicer is to take a boat and get another […]

Parking Verona City Centre Verona Citty Alta Parcheggio
Mobility Verona

Where to park your car in Verona City Centre (near Arena di Verona)

Advertisement Parking a car in busy city centres can be quite a challenge. Especially in a lively and popular city such as Verona. As I was preferring a close location for parking in Verona City Centre, over having a free place to park my car, I chose Parcheggio Multipiano Cittadella Verona, an absolutely prime location […]

2018 Ford Focus Active white car adventure Blog
Mobility PressTrip / Press Event

All-new Ford Focus Active – a car made for adventure

Advertisement The all-new Ford Focus Active is a car made for adventure. With the launch of the fourth generation of the popular c-segment vehicle Focus, Ford is steering right into a future of smart cars. Yes, not only our phones got smart over time (hence why they are called smartphones), also our cars are getting […]

Palermo Airport Bus Shuttle Transfer
Mobility Palermo (Sicily)

Palermo Airport Bus Transfer to Palermo City Centre – my experience

Advertisement How do you get from Palermo Airport to the City Centre of Palermo? As the airport is situated roughly 35 km outside Palermo, and there is no train service available (at the moment), you have to rely on Transportation on wheels. You can choose from a Rental Car, Taxi, private Transfer (Chauffeur Service), or […]

Public Transport Canberra Bus
Canberra Mobility

Public Transport in Canberra, Australia

Advertisement Everything takes only 10 minutes in Canberra. Just getting from A to B, or crossing the City once, the car ride literally takes just 10 minutes. That’s definitely the advantage of a rather small city size, travel times are short and usually, there isn’t too much traffic. Canberra isn’t a hyper-modern city, Australia’s capital […]

Qatar Airways Business Class Flight Review Doha - Canberra QR906 Boeing 777-300ER Qsuite
Canberra Doha Mobility PressTrip / Press Event

Qatar Airways Qsuite Flight Review: Doha – Canberra QR906 (Boeing 777-300ER Qsuite Business Class)

Advertisement The Qatar Airways Flight from Doha – Canberra has been my longest flight so far, yet my most comfortable one. How was this possible? Thanks to the fantastic Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class the flight time of more than 16 hours felt exhaustion-wise like a short 4-hour flight, at most. One the Inaugural Flight […]

Northern Line Train Manchester Liverpool
Liverpool Manchester Mobility

Taking a Northern Train from Manchester to Liverpool

Advertisement How do to travel in northern England? For sure, by Train! As there is no such thing as one federal railway operation company, there are many private operators that have to serve specific lines. To get from Manchester to Liverpool, and back, I was travelling with the Northern Railway Line by northern electrics. My […]

Lufthansa Flight Review: Frankfurt - Los Angeles LH456 (Economy Class) Airbus A380
Frankfurt Mobility

Lufthansa Flight Review: Frankfurt – Los Angeles LH456 (A380 Economy Class)

Advertisement A380! Finally, I got to fly with the big Airbus A380 by Lufthansa. On a short 10:55 hour flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles I was travelling in the cheapest most affordable category, in Economy. Lufthansa offers 4 categories to travel in their Airbus A380’s on long-haul flights: Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class […]

UberPool experience Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG Airport City Centre travelblog
Mobility Paris

My Uber Pool experience in Paris – Charles de Gaulle CDG Airport to City Centre

Advertisement Arriving to a foreign City, almost in the middle of the night, all you want to do is get as soon as possible from the Airport to your Hotel. You’re probably tired, the airport is very silent as no-one else is around, indeed, you just want to leave. Luckily I got the Uber App […]