Mobility, either by Foot, Bike, Car or public transportations, being mobile has never been more important. Especially when traveling it is convenient to know all the options you have, may you be in a big city or in a smaller town.

In this Category you’ll find all my Mobility-related articles – Bike Tours, reviews of Train Rides, Airline Reviews and Airport Transfers, Public Transportation Guides for Cities as well as Roadtrip Tours and Informations on new Cars and Vehicles. You can either look for a specific sub-category or just look up a specific City in the sidebar.

Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita

Electric Car with 500 km Range, Opel Ampera-E

As you really like my Article about Opel Astra and OnStar, I absolutely could not miss sharing more about the Opel Ampera-E with you. The successor model to the Opel Ampera will now have a […]

UBER Amsterdam Voucher Code JoyDellaVita
Amsterdam, Mobility

UBER in Amsterdam + Discount Code

UBER in Amsterdam is a convenient way to get from A to B. All you need is your Smartphone and either mobile data service or a public WiFi. UBER is kind of a chauffeur operator […]

RyanAir On Board Menu 2016 (Food & Drinks)
Food, Mobility

RyanAir On Board Menu 2016 (Food & Drinks)

You are flying with RyanAir and you are wondering about the on Board Menu? About the Food and Drinks, you can buy on Board when flying with this budget Airline? No Problem, here’s the answer. […]