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Top Roadtrip Cars of Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Advertisement I went to Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 to not just check out the new Automobiles and Technologies the hundred+ companies are currently working on, I also went window-shopping for future Roadtrip-Car-Material. As I’ve already shared in this Article with the Mercedes-Benz GLC a Roadtrip-Car needs to be versatile, spacious and reliable. Depending on different […]

Klassikwelt Bodensee 2015 - Cars in Sideview
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Klassikwelt Bodensee 2015 – Cars in Sideview

Advertisement Klassikwelt Bodensee is an international fair for classic mobility that took place for the eighth time in a row at the fair in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance. Besides classic and vintage Automobiles you can also find old motorbikes, planes and boats at this unique themed fair. And Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance allows combining everything, […]

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran
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Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran

Advertisement Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Europe and crossing Lake Constance by Ferry is an ideal option to not just cross the lake, you can also travel to another Country very easy. Around Lake Constance are three Countries located: Germany, with the biggest part, followed by Switzerland and the smallest part around […]