2018 Ford Focus Active white car adventure Blog
Mobility PressTrip / Press Event

All-new Ford Focus Active – a car made for adventure

Advertisement The all-new Ford Focus Active is a car made for adventure. With the launch of the fourth generation of the popular c-segment vehicle Focus, Ford is steering right into a future of smart cars. Yes, not only our phones got smart over time (hence why they are called smartphones), also our cars are getting […]

Amelia San Sebastian Donostia Tasting Menu Michelin Restaurant Review Test Experience Travelblogger
Donostia San Sebastian Food PressTrip / Press Event

Amelia Michelin Star Restaurant San Sebastian Donostia – Vegetarian Tasting Menu

Advertisement Amelia Restaurant in San Sebastian was just recently rewarded with a Michelin Star, a highly prestigious honour in the culinary world. Amelia isn’t a regular restaurant with a menu of various dishes to choose from, from starters to mains and desserts, no, Amelia solely offers tasting menus. By this, they want to “offer a […]

Hotel Maria Cristina San Sebastian Donostia Review Test Experience Travelblogger
Donostia San Sebastian PressTrip / Press Event

Staying at Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian – Donostia

Advertisement Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian – Donostia is probably the most beautiful Hotel in Town. The property is not only named after the former Queen of Spain, Maria Christina of Austria, she was also the one that brought Tourism and fine architectural styles to San Sebastian. She spent every summer except for just […]

KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian
Donostia San Sebastian Food PressTrip / Press Event

Vegetarian Lunch at KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian

Advertisement An Oyster Bar is usually not the first address for a vegetarian, however, my fish- and meat-free options at KATA4 oyster bar Donostia San Sebastian have been incredible. With so many excellent restaurants and Pinchos Bar options available all across the City, it would be a shame to only eat at one place. The […]

Park HYATT Hotel Canberra Australia Travelblog Review
Canberra PressTrip / Press Event

Staying at the famous Hyatt Hotel Canberra in Canberra, Australia

Advertisement Hyatt Hotel Canberra has to be the most famous Hotel in the Australian Capital Territory, and luckily I got to spend a few nights there during my first ever visit to Canberra. Still, nowadays the charm of the roaring ’20s is still visible and active in parts at this beautiful 5 Star Hotel. Once […]

Hot Air Balloon Flight Canberra Balloon Aloft CanberraTogether Blog JoyDellaVita
Canberra PressTrip / Press Event

Early morning sunrise hot air balloon flight in Canberra

Advertisement Floating so close above buildings or even crowds of kangaroos, you almost seem capable of touching them. Watching the sunrise in Canberra during an early morning hot air balloon flight has been an incredible experience I’ll appreciate forever. Even though the temperatures are still slightly below the 30 degree Celsius mark, in the morning […]

Qatar Airways Business Class Flight Review Doha - Canberra QR906 Boeing 777-300ER Qsuite
Canberra Doha Mobility PressTrip / Press Event

Qatar Airways Qsuite Flight Review: Doha – Canberra QR906 (Boeing 777-300ER Qsuite Business Class)

Advertisement The Qatar Airways Flight from Doha – Canberra has been my longest flight so far, yet my most comfortable one. How was this possible? Thanks to the fantastic Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class the flight time of more than 16 hours felt exhaustion-wise like a short 4-hour flight, at most. One the Inaugural Flight […]