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The Bavarian Allgäu is already existing for 1200 Years, and this village is the origin

Advertisement When I find out a House or structure is already more than 300, or even 500, years old, I’m astonished. But after finding out the ‘first village’ of the Bavarian Allgäu is already 1200 Years old, I was baffled. Not far from Oberstaufen, where I spent a weekend at Lindner Parkhotel & Spa, you […]

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Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen – First Class Maisonette Single Room

Advertisement Lindner Parkhotel & Spa in Oberstaufen is a Hotel with individual character. Whilst most Hotels associate modernism with sterile chic, the Hotel went a slightly different way here. A renovation is important, sure, but incorporating local traditions and crafts even more. Stitchings and materials you know from Allgäuer Trachten, hundreds of paintings all over […]