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Hotel Atilius Riccione near the Beach

Hotel Atilius in Riccione will catch your attention pretty fast. This striking pink-turquoise building near the beach of Riccione can not be overlooked. Located in the northern part of the famous beach resort, the Location […]

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How far is Lake Maggiore from Milan?

The famous Lago Maggiore, surrounded by the Swiss Ticino in the north, and the Italian Piedmont and Lombardy region in each west and east, is a nature paradise. If you are visiting Milan, you should […]

Colosseum Rome Winter Season JoyDellaVita
Rome | Roma

Visiting Colosseum in Rome in Winter Season

It’s a must when visiting Rome for more than 24 hours, seeing the famous Colosseum in Rome. Built almost 2000 Years ago the Colosseum in Rome is still the largest amphitheatre ever built. Or what’s […]