Duomo di Milano Tickets

Where to buy your Duomo di Milano Tickets

When visiting Duomo di Milano in Milan you need to have Time. Time to queue to buy your Ticket, time to queue to go up, enough time to enjoy the 5th-largest church in the world […]

Rapallo, Liguria

Travel Diary: 1 hour in Rapallo, Liguria

Unfairly towards Rapallo, I haven’t spent much time there as I’ve used this smaller seaside town in north-western Italy to board a Boat to Portofino only. Rapallo is situated in Liguria, on the Tigullio Gulf, […]

Porto Antico Genoa

Travel Diary: 30 minutes in Genoa

First of all: I’ve missed all the important and well-known sights Genoa has to offer. The iconic Lanterna, a renaissance lighthouse built in 1543, the gardens of Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini, the Royal Palace of Genoa or […]

Juice at Universo Vegano Rimini
Europe, Food, Italy, Rimini, Travel

Juice at Universo Vegano Rimini

Universo Vegano is an Italian vegan fast food chain, the first vegan fast food chain. Universo Vegano has currently 19 stores all over Italy, check the locations on their Homepage, and they offer vegan food […]

Villa Borghese Rome Garden
Rome | Roma

Villa Borghese Garden in the Heart of Rome

If you ever need some break of the hectic live, just visit the Villa Borghese Garden in the Heart of Rome and you will feel an immediate relief. With those sky-high pine trees, sculptures and […]

Lombardy, Mobility

Taking an UBER in Milan

Taking a UBER in Milan was a great and easy experience for me. When I left the City in the Morning, fully packed with a backpack, a bag with my expensive/electronically guts and a little […]

Veggie Balls at IKEA Temporary Milan
Food, Italy, Lombardy, Travel

Veggie Balls at IKEA tested

As a vegetarian it was always not that easy to eat at IKEA, if you wanted to try the famous Köttbullar but just couldn’t. But, also IKEA is going with the time and they don’t […]