The Kingdom of the Netherlands, better known as the Netherlands, is a sovereign state and constitutional monarchy with territory in western Europe and in the Caribbean.

Van der Valk Sassenheim-Leiden Travelblog JoyDellaVita

Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden

Just 10 km from famous Keukenhof you reach Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden. Located in between Amsterdam and The Hague this Hotel is just one by the big hotel chain Van der Valk. The special […]

Sightseeing Photo Walk Amsterdam JoyDellaVita Travel Blog

Sightseeing-Photo-Walk in Amsterdam

You can discover Amsterdam by Bike, Car, UBER or by Foot. The least option is actually my favorite. During a nice Sightseeing-Photo-Walk you have enough time to see everything and are not distracted by like […]

UBER Amsterdam Voucher Code JoyDellaVita
Amsterdam, Mobility

UBER in Amsterdam + Discount Code

UBER in Amsterdam is a convenient way to get from A to B. All you need is your Smartphone and either mobile data service or a public WiFi. UBER is kind of a chauffeur operator […]

Hilton Amsterdam Schipol Airport Hotel JoyDellaVita

Hilton Amsterdam Schipol Airport Hotel

Hilton Amsterdam Schipol Airport Hotel is your ideal Hotel if you have an early morning flight, or arriving late at night to Amsterdam. The Airport Hotel is a tiny minutes walk away the main Terminal, […]

Hotel De Goudfazant Restaurant Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Food

Hotel De Goudfazant Restaurant Amsterdam

Hotel De Goudfazant Restaurant Amsterdam was one of the most surprising ones. Already super satisfied with other Restaurants in Amsterdam Hotel De Goudfazant brought everything to a new level. Located inside a former workshop for […]

Amsterdam, Food

Restaurant Scheepskameel Amsterdam

Restaurant Scheepskameel Amsterdam can be found in a rather hidden area, therefore it is pleasantly quiet. But the location-search will be so worth it! Right next to the water you can enjoy your Dinner either […]

Design Hotel Sir Albert Amsterdam JoyDellaVita

Design Hotel Sir Albert Amsterdam

Located in the emerging hip area De Pijp district Design Hotel Sir Albert Amsterdam is literally a jewel among the Hotels in Amsterdam. Located in a former diamond factory the Hotel offers exquisite hospitality in […]

Café Delifrance Zaandam
Food, Zaandam

Café Delifrance Zaandam

During heavy Shopping-Marathons, you often need a little pick-up in between. An ice-cream, a quick coffee or a delicious cake. Or everything together. When I went to Zaandam for a quick visit, how beautiful is […]

Crowne Plaza Maastricht
Maastricht, Travel

Hotel Crowne Plaza Maastricht

Already when hearing the name ‘Crowne Plaza‘ you can be sure that your stay at this Hotel will be awesome. During my visit to Maastricht in the southern part of the Netherlands I got to […]

Travel Diary 24h in Amsterdam JoyDellaVita
Amsterdam, Travel

Travel Diary: 24h in Amsterdam

The 24h in Amsterdam is this time totally overrated as I barely had half a day of free time to explore Amsterdam as I went to Amsterdam for the European Brand Launch of BESV, an […]

Zaandam Inntel Hotels Zaan Houses Train Station Netherlands Travel Diary

Travel Diary: 1 hour in Zaandam

If you have one hour in Zaandam, what would you do? Well, what I did was to admire the world famous Inntelhotels Hotel in Zaandam, go a little shopping and having a snack at Cafe. […]