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How to skip the lines when visiting Arena di Verona

Advertisement Visiting Arena di Verona is a must when visiting the romantic Italian city. Arena di Verona, the ancient amphitheatre from the first century AD is not without a reason the symbol of the city. Once used to entertain the masses (up to 30 000 !!), the Arena is still nowadays in use for both […]

How far Verona Lake Garda distance travel
Lake Garda | Lago di Garda Verona

How far is Lake Garda from Verona? (Distance and Travel Time Lago di Garda – Verona)

Advertisement During my recent first trip to Verona, I definitely left part my of heart there – what a wonderful city! But even though sightseeing in a city is fun, especially in cultural-packed Verona, but sometimes, you just need a soft breeze of air and a lake in front of you. The sound of waves […]

Spaghetti Pomodoro Burrata Re Teodorico Restaurant Castel San Pietro Verona
Food Verona

Restaurant with the best view in Verona – Re Teodorico Castel San Pietro

Advertisement Can you imagine what’s even better than a Restaurant with probably the best view in Verona? Exactly, when this particular Restaurant offers really, and I mean really delicious Food. That’s kind of a Jackpot, right? With no particular plan on what to do, I took the Funicular di Verona up to Castel San Pietro, […]

Funicolare di Verona Castel San Pietro Veronetta Travel Blog JoyDellaVita

Taking the Funicolare di Verona up to Castel San Pietro

Advertisement Reopened in June 2017, Funicolare di Verona is a now mandatory form of transportation for tourists in Verona. Originally opened in 1941, the funicolare di Verona was closed just three short years later. However the demand for an easy transportation up to Castel San Pietro was steady, and so just last year the Funicolare […]

Where to park your car padua padova parcheggio centro
Padua | Padova

Where to park your car near Padua City Centre / Parcheggio Padova Centro

Advertisement Parking in city centres can sometimes be so stressful, especially if parking spaces are literally not visible from afar and you only spot them once you passed them. Before visiting Padua in northern Italy I’ve researched parking in Padua and found a nice spot, close enough to the city centre but far enough for […]

Caffé con pallina di gelato ricetta Coffee Affogato Ice Cream recipe
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How to order Coffee with ice cream in Italy – Caffé con pallina di gelato

Advertisement It’s a hot afternoon, you’re getting tired, and you want both something sweet and energizing. The perfect combination is coffee and ice cream. Instead of ordering both separate, you can simply request Caffé con pallina di gelato, also known as Affogatto. In a larger than “espresso-sized” cup you’re getting a coffee, or Caffé, with […]

Instagram Padova Padua Blogger Travel
Padua | Padova

Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Padua / Padova

Advertisement Padua, or Padova in Italian, is a charming city in the Veneto region in the north-east of Italy. Padua is actually not that far of incredible Venice and is even the setting for most of the action in William Shakespeare’s comedy The Taming of the Shrew (written at the end of the 16th century). […]

Recipe Gnocchi di Verona brown butter parmesan joydellavita
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Recipe: Gnocchi di Verona with brown butter & parmesan (authentic & simple recipe)

Advertisement Gnocchi di Verona is both a typical and traditional dish of the Veronese gastronomy. And as a Tourist, you simply cannot visit Verona without enjoying and eating at least one portion of Gnocchi. Gnocchi, more or less pronounced like njoki [ˈɲɔkːi], is actually a super easy to make yet filling yet delicious dish. However, until recently I […]

Verona Card Selling Points Where to buy Travel Blog Joy Della Vita

Where to buy Verona Card, the “all-inclusive card for Tourists” in Verona

Advertisement Verona Card is an awesome thing if you want to fully explore Verona. Most of the main sights are included, to others you will get a good reduction, and riding the local ATV-Buses is 100% free as well. VeronaCard is available for either 24 or 48 hours. And no matter when you buy the […]

Achille Forti Modern Art Gallery / Galleria d'Arte Moderna Achille Forti

Must-See Art Museum in Verona: Achille Forti Modern Art Gallery / Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti

Advertisement My favourite art museum in Verona, among the ones I’ve visited, is Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti. Situated inside stunning Palazzo della Ragione, the entrance to the first-floor entrance of Achille Forti Modern Art Gallery is located in the south-east corner of Piazza dei Signori and can be reached from Piazza Erbe passing under […]

Casa di Romeo Verona

Where to find Casa di Romeo in Verona, the House of Romeo of Romeo & Juliet

Advertisement Located in a narrow street just nearby the Arche Scaligere (Scaliger Tombs), not too far Casa di Giulietta you will find Casa di Romeo or Romeo’s House. Unlike Juliet’s House, Casa di Romeo is no huge tourist attraction. Granted, it seemed like there were three other tourists when I visited “his family’s home”, but […]

Torta Russa di Verona
Food Recipes from around the world Verona

Dessert speciality from Verona: Torta Russa di Verona

Advertisement When in Verona, you have to try and taste the local speciality Torta Russa di Verona. Every city or region has its own recipes, and that’s something truly wonderful. Torta Russa di Verona means “Russian cake from Verona”, and the origin of this recipe isn’t actually that old. One of the two hypothesis of […]

Teatro Romano Verona Archaeological Museum

Teatro Romano di Verona, the more than 2000-year-old ancient theatre right by the river

Advertisement Right by the Adige river, or Etsch, you will find the ancient Teatro Romano Verona. Built sometime at the end of the first century before Christ, this Theatre is even older than the way more famous Arena di Verona, an amphitheatre. It’s actually not that easy to find Teatro Romano Verona, simply as it’s […]

Novo Hotel Rossi Verona City Centre Train Station Review Experience

Staying at Novo Hotel Rossi Verona near the Train Station

Advertisement Novo Hotel Rossi Verona is a nice 3-star hotel close to the Porta Nuova train station of Verona. Hotels in the districts close to main train stations are usually not a good place to stay, however, Novo Hotel Rossi Verona is located in sufficient distance to both noise and “weird people” hanging around the […]

Parking Verona City Centre Verona Citty Alta Parcheggio
Mobility Verona

Where to park your car in Verona City Centre (near Arena di Verona)

Advertisement Parking a car in busy city centres can be quite a challenge. Especially in a lively and popular city such as Verona. As I was preferring a close location for parking in Verona City Centre, over having a free place to park my car, I chose Parcheggio Multipiano Cittadella Verona, an absolutely prime location […]

McDonalds Italy Vegetarian Fast Food Vegetariano
Food Italy

Current Vegetarian Food Options at McDonalds Italy

Advertisement In the past, McDonald’s Italy used to have a vegetarian burger on their menu. Actually, their original McVeggie was my absolute favourite McDonald’s Burger worldwide. But as it was only a temporary offer to celebrate EXPO 2015 in Milan, they discontinued it at some point but had another meat-free option available. The “new” McVeggie […]

Casa di Giulietta Verona Visit House Museum JoyDellaVita

A mandatory visit to Casa di Giulietta Verona

Advertisement Out of the Top 3 sights to see in Verona, Casa di Giulietta is definitely one of them. This renaissance building of the 14th century is nowadays a pilgrimage site for everyone enthusiastic about the novel Romeo & Juliet, maybe even for the ones unhappy in Love, or just for all tourists and visitors […]

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Verona Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting the romantic City

Advertisement Verona, the ultimate stomping ground for lovers and romantics. The history-filled City is not only the story base of William Shakespeare’s novel Romeo and Juliet, Verona is so much more. Verona also plays an important role in Art, as well as in the culinary scene. To prepare yourself for your Trip to Verona, and […]