Balangan Dinner NENI 25hours Berlin Falafel Hummus Pavlova JoyDellaVita

Balangan Dinner at NENI 25hours Berlin

At the Top of 25hours Berlin, you can overlook parts of Berlin and the Tiergarten while enjoying some delicious Meals. To enjoy the most of the different types of Mezze, order the Balangan Dinner at NENI 25hours Berlin. Balangan means ‘sympathetic chaos’ and allows you […]

Sky Kamer Hotel Antalya City Center JoyDellaVita

Sky Kamer Hotel Antalya City Center

A Boutique Hotel at a nice Location in Antalya is Sky Kamer Hotel. It’s just off the old town and close to many shopping possibilities. You have to cross a street once and you can already overlook the beautiful harbor, like from this Restaurant. I […]


Restaurant Alte Bank in Meersburg

Café and Restaurant Alte Bank in Meersburg is located in the upper part of the City. The Terrance is spread over the Schlossplatz of the beautiful New Castle Meersburg. Alte Bank directly translated means “Old Bench” which definitely has a long history. On a hot […]

coa Restaurant Frankfurt Myzeil JoyDellaVita

coa Restaurant Frankfurt Myzeil

coa is an Asian Restaurant Chain with several Restaurants all over Germany. Among the 4 Restaurants in Frankfurt I went to coa Frankfurt MyZeil. MyZeil is a big Shopping Center in the City Center of Frankfurt, near Hauptwache. coa, Cuisine of Asia, offers a selection […]

Breakfast at McDonalds Spain Palma Airport JoyDellaVita

Breakfast at McDonald’s Spain (Palma Airport)

Starting your Day by having Breakfast at McDonald’s? Why not, it’s delicious! Before leaving Majorca I had Breakfast at Mc Donald’s Spain at Palma Airport and besides that it was basically on my way it was rather cheap and my selection was all very good […]

Veggie Sushi Burger Kreative Reisrollen Tettnang JoyDellaVita

Veggie Sushi Burger by ‘Kreative Reisrollen’ Tettnang

The Veggie Sushi Burger by ‘Kreative Reisrollen’ Tettnang is a dream come true. Finding vegetarian and non-fish Sushi is already quite a struggle, but finding the latest international Food Trend in such a small town in southern Germany is pure luck, and probably a coincidence. […]