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About JoyDellaVita

The main focus of the JoyDellaVita Travel Blog is – obviously – on Travel (see category: Travel). But to me Travel doesn’t stop there, travelling also means to taste (see category: Food), to get around (see category: Mobility) and everything else around is part of a Travel-Lifestyle (see category: Lifestyle).
A big spotlight is on the region of southern Germany, to present you plentiful tips on what to see, do and eat when in Central Europe. Here especially Lake ConstanceAllgäu and the state of Baden Württemberg and Vorarlberg in general.

Another focus is sustainability and climate-friendly travel, describing experiences abroad as well as giving tips on how to achieve a personal low-emission lifestyle (see category: #BeGood), as well as boosting the personal life which is shared in the categories of Wellness (see category: Health) and Fitness (see category: Fitness). You can also find reviews of Travel Gear and Gadgets here on Joy Della Vita Travelblog (see category: Travel Gear).

Joy Della Vita in Numbers

Monthly Page impressions: 26.500
Facebook Followers: 2.480
Instagram Followers: 20.500
TikTok Followers: 200
Twitter Followers: 800
Pinterest Followers: 2.800
YouTube Subscribers: 800
Blog Update / Newsletter subscribers: 3750

Publishing frequency: ~ 10+ articles per month / ~ 3+ per week

I am looking for

participation in Blogger/Press Events (preferably in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein [within day-trip range by train])

participation in Blogger/Press Trips (international, worldwide)

Cooperations and Collaborations on Products, Service Reviews, Destinations, Hotels, Restaurants, Tech-Gadgets, (urban) Mobility solutions, Bikes, Trains and Overnight Trains, …

I am offering

Sponsored Posts on the Blog

Banner Ads on the Blog

sponsored posts on social media / Instagram takeover

remote social media and blog consulting

development of individual proposals


The easiest option to contact me is to write me an e-mail. Just hit the “contact me” button, fill out the contact form and wait no less than 48 hours for your personal response!
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