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Canon EOS 650 D

In the Past I usually took Pictures with a Canon EOS 650 D. Find here some examples of Pictures I shot with this Camera. You can find more Information about the 18 Megapixel Canon EOS 650 D with a Touch Screen Display here. In my opinion the Canon EOS 650 D is a pretty good Blogger Camera. The technical Aspects are in a good value to the Price. You can attach all the Canon Lenses (from 50 mm wide-angle to 35 mm portrait to 200 m Zoom-Lenses) and enhance your blogging Photography with the EOS 650 D a lot.

Using the Canon EOS 650 D as a Travel Blogger Camera

While shooting the Pictures for this Travelblog I mainly used the 18 – 55 mm Standard Kit Lens, that comes with the Camera. It’s good for everyday use and not too heavy, compared to more advanced Lenses. A very affordable Lens is the 50 mm 1:8 Lens that can be bought for around 100€ online. It’s a great Start if you want to do Portrait Photography with your Canon EOS 650 D, or during low-light situations. To have a better Lens for Low Light I went for the 35 mm 1:2 IS Lens that can be currently bought for less than 500 €. Compared to the super lightweight 50 mm lens this 35mm Lens is very heavy, but the Pictures are just so nice. It can be used for Portrait Photography as well, but I mainly used if during low light situations, and for (Landscape) Photographs. During a walk in Rome I used the Canon EOS 650 D with a 35 mm Lens, when it was pitch black at Night. Check out this Article to see how these turned out.

As the whole setup was too heavy for me I switched to a OLYMPUS PEN E-PL 6. As I still have lots of Travel Pictures that I shot on the EOS 650 D there will appear a lot more Articles and examples of Photographs here.

Canon EOS 650 D Travel Blogger Camera


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