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  • Neapolitan Pizza in Baden-Baden

    Neapolitan Pizza in Baden-Baden

    If you want to enjoy Neapolitan Pizza in Baden-Baden, you have to visit Mamma Lina ‘87 at Lange Strasse. Near the Festspielhaus, this cosy Restaurant offers authentic Italian food for on-site dining as week as take-away. The Restaurant is so famous and popular, they are soon even launching their own cookbook. Certainly, another guarantee for […]

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  • Try this Neapolitan style Pizza in Friedrichshafen

    Try this Neapolitan style Pizza in Friedrichshafen

    Enjoy delicious Neapolitan Style Pizza in Friedrichshafen right by the shores of Lake Constance. Culinary-wise, the region around Lake Constance is usually pretty down to earth with exquisite home cooked-style dishes. The Swabian gastronomy is hearty, often meaty, and features lots of dough and cheese (such as, Käsespätzle). If there is a new Restaurant in […]

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