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Joy Della Vita Travelblogger Lisa in Majorca, Spain

Hi! I’m Lisa 💃, and I love to explore new things, places, cultures and tastes. Most of the time I’m solo-travelling Europe the World (or attending press events) if I’m not somewhere near my home office in southern Germany working on new blog posts. I’m a full-time blogger/entrepreneur and blogging for Joy Della Vita.

The Joy della Vita Travelblog was founded in May 2015, to have a second and English platform next to my successful German Lifestyle blog Hyyperlic.com. You might already know me as Germany’s most famous car-blogger (quote from German Auto Bild Number 11/2015) from my international Autoblog The Car Addict, which I started in 2011 but that is not active anymore. I entered the Blogging World on January 1st, 2011.

“Joy Della Vita” is inspired by the Italian language, mixed with the English one. Joy Della Vita, translated to English, means “Joy of Life”, and that’s what this TravelBlog is all about. The Joy of Life when travelling.

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Monthly Page impressions: 22.500
Facebook Followers: 2.480
Instagram Followers: 20.500
Publishing frequency: ~ 10+ articles per month/ ~ 3+ per week

If needed you can find my Media Data PDF here.

The main focus of the JoyDellaVita Travel Blog is – obviously – on Travel (see category: Travel). But to me Travel doesn’t stop there, travelling means to taste (see category: Food), to get around (see category: Mobility) and everything else around is part of a Travel-Lifestyle (see category: Lifestyle) and how to live an eco-cautious lifestyle (see category: #begood)

About Joy Della Vita Blogger Lisa

  • Entrepreneur
  • speaking German and English
  • based at Lake Constance, in Germany (FDH is my closest Airport)
  • completed apprenticeship in marketing communication / worked in event management and hospitality/tourism
  • Vegetarian (love Vegan [healthy] Food, too)
  • Burger-Addict 🍔🍟🍔 & Pizza/Pasta Lover 🍕🍝🍕
  • love to travel by train
  • used to be a Star Alliance Frequent Flyer (Silver Member) with more than 100 flights each year on average for a few years in a row
  • I (try to) buy mugs on every Trip / I collect mugs
  • Foodie
  • love museums and art (museums/galleries)
  • love to walk/explore by foot
  • Experiences over things
  • I can’t decide between nature or urban – the mix is perfect
  • prefer to travel with hand-luggage only
  • I always try to use public transport only (it’s better for our environment!)
  • Google Maps LocalGuide (Level 8)

Want to work with me?

I’m looking for: Blogger/Press Events – Cooperations and Collaborations on Products/Reviews/Destinations/Tech-Gadgets/Mobility/Bikes/…

I offer
: Blogger Relations, Social Media [Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, …], Sponsored Posts on the Blog or Social Media, development of individual offers, Instagram Takeover

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Countries I’ve already visited

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Denmark
  6. France
  7. Germany
  8. Greece
  9. Ireland
  10. Italy
  11. Latvia
  12. Liechtenstein
  13. Luxembourg
  14. Monaco
  15. Morocco
  16. Netherlands
  17. North Macedonia
  18. Norway
  19. Poland
  20. Portugal
  21. Qatar
  22. San Marino
  23. Slovakia
  24. Slovenia
  25. Spain
  26. Sweden
  27. Switzerland
  28. Turkey
  29. United Kingdom
  30. United States of America
  31. Vatican



Usually, I work from a MacBook Air and use a Canon PowerShot G7X II and an iPhone 12 mini. In the past, I’ve used cameras such as Canon 1300D, Olympus PEN E-PL 6 and Canon EOS 650D.