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This Italy Travel Guide will give you information on just everything you need, before embarking on your first trip to Italia. Italy is a great country to travel to, due to multiple reasons. The rich history (most is still visible as paintings or structures), devine cuisine or also great business oportunities (some of the most notable companies with italian roots are Illy, Ferrari, … just to name a very few). For sure the summer is an ideal season to travel to Italy, to visit beaches and hop by train from one city to another, however Italy offers unique experiences year round. In northern Italy you can go skiing in winter, truffle hunting in Fall, and discover not as croded cities in the spring till early summer.

Below I have concluded a comprehensive Travel Guide for Italy for you. It will give you basic information on Italy, its language, currency and how to navigate within the country by public transport, without an own car or vehicle (rental Vespas excluded, those are *almost* always recommended). I have already travelled to Italy multiple dozen times, it might be nearing the 100th-time mark, therefore I have experienced a lot of this country. Right below you can also find a map of Italy, with marks in each city that I have already visited and written Tipps about. If you are missing some specific information, dont hesitate to request a blog post.

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