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BurgANomix Glenelg Beach JoyDellaVita

Veggie Burger @ BurgA’nomix Glenelg Beach

BurgA’nomix in Glenelg Beach, Australia, are doing everything right with their Burgers. Tasty Burger, delicious sauces and a toasted bun, in addition to the very best potatoes. Don’t get a wrong impression, I’m talking about […]

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McVeggie by McDonald's Switzerland

Vegi Mac by McDonald’s Switzerland

Vegi Mac is McDonald’s Switzerland answer to alternative Burgers. Burger without Beef, Chicken or Fisch. Burger with Vegetables and suitable for (Ovo-Lacto-)Vegetarians. In Germany there is the Veggie Clubhouse Burger, in Italy the McVeggie with […]

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Ruff's Burger in Munich at Rindermarkt

Ruff’s Burger in Munich at Rindermarkt

Ruff’s Burger in Munich is situated just a few meters away from Marienplatz, at Rindermarkt. Ruff’s Burger is a small chain in Munich with just two locations. A bigger Restaurant at Occamstrasse and the smaller […]