On this page, I’m sharing my newfound love for homemade soft wraps, made out of liquid dough, with you.

Find here recipe Instructions in different formats (blog post, YouTube video, TikTok clip) or how I assemble my wraps.

  • liquid dough soft tortilla wraps – Recipe

    This is a Recipe for the quickest, softest, most delicious pan-cooked/fried liquid dough soft tortilla wraps. The ingredients are very basic and everything is a staple in any kitchen, you don’t need any specific tools and there is no rising time necessary. Doesn’t this already sound good? Wait until you have tasted your first homemade…

  • Vegan Falafel Wrap & Baked Fries – LEON Heathrow London Airport Restaurant

    The falafel wrap by LEON Heathrow at the main London Airport was so delicious, next time I’ll travel extra early to enjoy the wrap once again! Several hours at an airport, what can you do? With access rights to a lounge, you get free food & drinks, can use power outlets, surf the web or…

  • The best Falafel Wrap in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance

    The best Falafel (Falafel Wrap) at Lake Constance is available at LAZIZA Friedrichshafen. Already opened last year, I just visited this Restaurant now, after discovering it by accident on Google Maps. Friedrichshafen itself isn’t necessarily known for innovative gastronomic ventures (besides high priced organic restaurants), therefore it was exciting to now have a Restaurant that…

Recipe: homemade liquid dough wraps



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@joydellavita homemade liquid dough wraps with vegan chicken ✨🌯🤩 #liquiddoughwraps #vegan #veganchicken #joydellavita ♬ Kanari – Official Sound Studio

Rezept: Wraps aus flüssigem Teig aus der Pfanne